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 Takeshi Yuu

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Takeshi Yuu


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PostSubject: Takeshi Yuu   Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:28 am

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Yuu, Takeshi
Age: 56, looks 20
Gender: Female
Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: 5"6' and 9.3 stone

Hair and eye color: White hair, scarlet eyes

Appearance: Yuu is an albino with the common set of features: awfully pale skin, snow-white hair and bright red eyes. Luckily for her, the mutation does not look crude, but rather refined. Especially combined with the woman's own delicate features creates a somewhat aristocratic feel about her, or so she wants to believe.

Altogether Yuu looks more like her Western father, rather than the Japanese mother. Face is round, but not flat. Eyes are almond shaped, slanting just slightly. Nose is a little bit sharp, not too long, pointing slightly upward. She has round cheekbones and thin lips, that hide two straight rows of small white teeth. Her ears are small and round. Hair is rather flat rather than fluffy, straight, reaching all the way to the lower back.

Yuu has normal length, narrow neck, matched by a narrow set of shoulders. Despite the slender complexion she posses a noticeable C-cup in bust which is pleasantly combined with a thin waist line and appetizing hips. Although not very tall, her legs take up quite a share of the height and are very straight, completing the elegant picture mentioned above.

As far as clothing is concerned when not wearing the academy student attire her choice is determined by two things: firstly by fascination with traditional Japanese kimono and love for dark blue and red colours. Her two favourite pieces are a kimono with a lush dark blue floral ornament scattered across the expensive silk and a suit consisting of black trousers, white shirt, small tie and a dark black and red velvet jacket.

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: Yuu has a rather fiery personality. You will meet her three times during a day and all three times she will behave differently. Overall she is a very easy going person and she never misses a chance to show the world that it is nothing but her playground. This manifests mainly in her goofing around quite a bit, causing mischief and whatnot, getting on someone's nerves and making new friends at the same time. Although her "easy-goingness" shouldn't be confused with a half-ass attitude. Yuu is very diligent about the training and will not herself any slack. For her being a shinigami is the most fun thing to do in the afterlife, this encourages her to strive for power, both tangible and personal to one day step inside the Seiretei and make herself known.

Takeshi is undeniably a social creature. When surrounded by people and attention she feels like a fish in water. Therefore she is generally liked by those around her, since her friendliness is at times truly disarming. Despite that she knows the value of being alone quite well. That, and her unstable persona, lead to occasional outbursts of melancholy. Cheesy as it is Yuu can be sometimes seen at night sitting on the roofs or treading slowly through a garden at the rain.

There is, although, another side to her. The young soul is fascinated by hollows. How both majestic and crude these killing machines can be. Although she is yet to meet an actual hollow in battle, she is no stranger to combat. Becoming a shinigami for her is a constant supply of the delicious life-and-death riddles to solve, faced by danger from beasts both feral and diabolically sentient.


  • Flexibility. Dexterity aside, Yuu is like a liquid flame. If forced,she can assume any form, but you can rest assured she will eventually burn through the foolish vessel.

  • Curiosity It might have killed the cat, but Takeshi is tougher than a domesticated feline. She is always eager to earn something new, a feat that is as much useful as it is insufferable.

  • Tenacity When it comes to difficult tasks she becomes as stubborn as a goat. She will stand up again and again, giving up is not her style.

  • Nimbleness She isn't called a "wild doe" in Rukongai for no reason. Any acrobat would be envious of the agility in the young woman's body. She fully transferred that skill to the academy and puts it to a good use.


  • Closed off Despite being outgoing it is very hard to get under her skin and get a glimpse of the turmoils inside. People often feel it on the subconscious level and this results in her not having any truly close friends.

  • Impatience Yuu hates waiting, for whatever reason it is required. This often results in her rushing into silly battles or making small mistakes that could be avoided through a more careful planning.

  • Taste for women Being a lesbian, she can't resist herself upon seeing a pretty girl. This often puts her into tricky situations, although she doesn't mind that kind of trouble.

  • Drinking Yuu can hold her liquor, but more often than not she misses that crucial moment of "I've had enough for tonight". Of course the fact that she very much enjoys having a drink out, especially in a company, does not help.

With every past there is a future

Her life began with a rather unfortunate event - her mother's death. Sad as it was, the happening itself was not something unexpected. Leaving in one of the large port towns of Japan, her late mother didn't have parents or money. As the relationship with the Western world was stabilizing more and more visitors were coming to the Land of the Rising Sun. Tomoko, Yuu's mother, developed a taste for men and alcohol at an extremely young age of 13. Giving birth as a 15 year old turned out to be too much for an organism weakened by abuse to handle, leaving the newborn an orphan. The unique characteristic of being an albino did not help the infant in the slightest. After an awful lot of head scratching and numerous thoughts of heartless abandonment, performed by the surrounding adults, she was taken in by a kind-hearted woman who was in a charge of a state orphanage.

One might imagine that an albino girl would have a horrible time growing up alongside a large number of normal kids, especially considering how "Western" she looked. But Yuu (a name given by the aforementioned kind soul) learned to bare her fangs early, leaving bullies with a mixed of shock and incomplete childish affection, as well as very distinct physical pain. That's how our girl became an unspoken queen of her new home. Yet trouble seemed to take a liking in her. The orphanage was always shorthanded, accepting any help possible. One day a middle-aged man came to work at the facility. The pedophile quickly took notice of the unusual 11 year old Yuu, who was already beginning maturing. So one night he called her to "talk". Unfortunate for him the girl would always sneak out of the orphanage and mingle with the townsfolk, which was how she got a hold of a real sharp knife - an object of envy of all the boys. Pervert's advances were met by a very resolute stab into the stomach and followed by an amateur gutting. After the initial horror, shock and adrenaline let go of her she took some time to gather her thoughts. There was no way the authorities would let it slide, since the man was from a family of moderately wealthy merchants and orphan's word wouldn't stand for much against theirs. Luckily she decided to come clean with her guardian angel - Miss Takashi (the person who was running the orphanage). She believed the girl and once against reached out with a helping hand. The body was disposed of, some money was taken out of a stash and a route to the farthest island of Japan was planned. What followed was a teary goodbye and an escape.

Yuu then proceeded leaving in a small fishing village. The people there were first extremely suspicious of a foreign-looking white monster, but weer soon conquered by the girl's charm. Her existence there was a rather uneventful one, which wasn't a particularly bad thing, allowing her to experience a normal life she never really had. Despite a large number of suitors she remained single, subconscious disgust and fear of men remaining as a trophy scar. Yuu dies of an infection at the age of 19. After spending a little time wandering the village, scaring cats and staring at the ocean, a passing shinigami performed a soul burial, opening a new door before her.

Yuu ended up in the south Rukongai. Quickly enough she made a name for herself - "Wild Doe". The region was bordering with a large forest and the woman decided to not bother herself with tedious stuff like work or joining the community. She got herself set up in the wild, from time to time sweeping into villages for water and some fun which consisted mostly of getting into small fights with the local gangs or visiting young maidens. As the time passes word about her creeps further and further through the Soul Society, stories about a thief who can still anything, about a white ghost that resides in the Southern forest, where only the bravest dare to venture. Needless to say that Yuu herself is the reason for most of those stories. Although the forest is her home - a little cabin hidden in the branches of an ancient oak, filled with little trinkets and clothing, one of the villages, closest to the forest, is her second base. People there love her and there will always be a warm bed and something to eat. The people living there are the only ones who know that Yuu needs to eat as her spiritual abilities are beginning to manifest. In return Wild Doe provides them if they are in need (mostly by stealing from somewhere else) and protects from bandits and gangs.

Written sample:
Quote :
"This is exhilarating!" Yuu dodged a stab aimed at her groin with a dance-like twirl to the side, composing her body for a follow up, which came in a form of a quick slash from the side. The wooden blades clashed with a dull sound. It was time to counterattack. The female student moved her weapon along the opponent's for a couple of inches before pushing it away with a broad movement followed by a powerful descending slash. The dull edge bit into the man's shoulder, hopelessly trying to gnaw into the flesh. "And it's a game!" Yuu bowed respectfully, broad smile turning into laughter shortly. Her opponent, a tall dark haired academy student bowed and smiled himself, bitterness hiding in the corner of the green eyes. Both combatants were panting, beads of sweat gleaming in the dojo's shaky lighting, it seemed that they have been at it for quite a while now.
"That makes it 7 wins to 6. You win today, Yuu. Want to grab the victor's drink right now?"
"Nah, I'm kinda beat. Don't worry, I'll ransack whatever dosh you have at the bar tomorrow! I will see you at the classes, Shinji!"
Without saying anything else the woman walked out of the dojo. She really had no time to worry about the fellow student's frustration at nothing happening. She did have a lot of fun and it was time to enjoy a beautiful night. The breeze bit playfully at her skin, hot after the exercise. Takeshi took a deep breath - the air was fresh, with subtle undertone of blossoming cherry trees. The night sky was sprinkled plentifully with stars and a gorgeous full moon was peering at the sleeping earth with its blind eye. Yuu undeed the band holding her hair back and shook her head, allowing a stream of white to flow freely. "What a nice night for a cup of sake! I guess I should have accepted horny dimwit's invitation. Oh well!" Without realising she has found herself wondering aimlessly amongst the zigzagging streets of Seiretei almost until morning, basking in night's lustrous veil. The following day at the academy was promising to be a rough one...

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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yuu   Fri Jul 08, 2011 7:30 pm

Ello, ello, ello. Wot we got 'ere then? A fellow Brit it would seem. I must say, very nice start you have there, you've compiled a number of characteristic details into a limited number of paragraphs. Keep it up! ^w^
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Takeshi Yuu


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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yuu   Sat Jul 09, 2011 1:33 am

Why thank you, good sir! I believe the app is done and ready for a review.
P.S. The RP sample is written as if she is a student at the shini academy because I got confused at first ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yuu   Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:26 pm

The history seemed a little bit repetetive in the sense that it rose and fell in intensity like a radio wave. You also miss out a few words here and there. Other than that I shall repeat myself; your ability to pack a lot of information into a little amount of writing seems rather good. The range of words used shows that you have an excellent vocabulary not to mention your sentence structure is impeccable. I cant help but feel however that the characters history had very little impact upon me. Everything was going by so quickly that I never had time to think about any of it and thus important parts of Yuu's life such as the abuse and bullying didnt strike me.

Overall however this character has a lot of room for development and I cant wait for her to meet Artix! ^w^
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Takeshi Yuu


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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yuu   Sat Jul 09, 2011 10:21 pm

Yeah, I see where you are coming from, I got kinda lazy with the history =P Feel free to make a thread, I'd be happy to jump in
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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi Yuu   

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Takeshi Yuu
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