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 Leon Masques

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PostSubject: Leon Masques   Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:01 pm

Let them know the name of their superior!

Name: Leon Trebillo De Masques
Age: over five hundred years old (Appears to be in his mid twenties)
Gender: Male

Show them what power is!

Height and weight: Height: 6,2. Weight: 145 lbs

Hair and eye color: Leon's hair is a strange shade of lime green, possibly due to his (extremely) weird taste. Anyway he prefers to keep his hair relatively long, around level with the lobes of his ears. The color of his eyes is a deep aquatic blue, hinted with a slight brown haze around the edges of the pupil and a crimson mist surrounding the edges of the iris, probably evidence of the utter madness behind the calm and collected veil.

Appearance: Starting from the head down Leon has the remarkable hair color of a light shade of green, the style leaves it split directly down the middle, hanging just below his earlobes however he has been noted to cut it a little shorter than this.

His mask outlines his chin , pointing outwards into a small spike at the chins point and just when it reaches the end of the jaw it curves around and stretched up towards his eye, ending just under his bottom eyelid. Under his bottom lip the mask becomes jagged and looks a lot like a row of skulls teeth.

He wears his white robe normally however he has a button just below the collar, that is the only button that has been done up. The rest are all loose revealing his peaked and muscled chest, tender stomach and the dark shadowed hole in the center of his chest, resting in the small gap between the ends of the collar bones. His jacket is indeed sleeveless, resulting in his arms being bare and the collar of the jacket is folded backwards on itself, much like a suit jacket the sleeves of his jacket are darkened, as the torso of the jacket is pure white with black stripes outlining collar and rim.

The lower part of his robe which covers his legs is pretty much the usual simple, standard style apart from the fact that the black sash type belt hangs a little loosely. The traditional white and black boots that all espada are required to wear are slightly different, they are a little larger and bulkier than normal and end with a flat toe, much like steel toe cap boots.

Leons zanpakuto isn't anything particularly special, its blood red sheath hanging loosely at his side, a black spiral swirling down the magnificent wooden shaft. The blade itself is as simple as any other blade, the only aspects of it that are unique would be the color of the hilt which is also a dark crimson stained red, as if blood had been washed over it. Also the guard, its completely random, just a mix of jagged patterns for a shape and countless small bumpy indents for decoration. Truly a weird piece of work.

His cero and bala aren't much different either. They are both fired from the tip of his index finger and are both blood red. The strange thing is, whenever he fires a cero a peculiar amount of bluish electrical energy flows with it, when he fires the bala the electrical energy turns black, gibing the blast a rather evil and demonic look.

Let all weaker beings hear you!

Leons personality is one that is hard to grasp. One minute he could be charming, friendly and talkative, the next he might be forceful and demanding. All in all his personality seems to change based on the situation he finds himself in. One thing that can be known for certain though is that he plays to other peoples strengths and weaknesses. He morphs the way he acts in order to make people trust him.

Because of this it is difficult to determine the true definition of Leon's personality. None who are currently in existance know of his manipulative nature so nobody can truly question his methods. Nonetheless this trait does give him the many desired qualities of a leader and ruler. The ability to make tough decision under pressure, to inspire loyalty and strength in others and to keep the ranks calm when the odds are against them. It is because of this that the espada and arrancar trust him wholeheartedly.


  • Being a manipulative man Leon has the distinct ability to wriggle his way into peoples hearts. Through analysing their behaviour and body movements he can sometimes deduce their beliefs, thoughts and feelings and this aids him in making a person trust him.

  • Over his many years of addling with peoples brains through speech Leon has become a rather strong talker. His voice is solid, calm and can morph to fit any situation. He knows just what to say and who to say it to.

  • Leons skills of deduction can often help him weed out the weak links; people who would otherwise turn against him. He may also be able to use these skills during battle.

  • The loyalty Leon inspires in those who follow him is something that will aid him and has aided him for centuries. Loyalty and trust can be a valuable weapon and a steadfast shield.


  • The voices: Yes the voices that always linger in his head at the most crucial of moments, whether it be when he is about to splice open a test subject or defeat a soon to be candidate for operation they always urge him forwards to continue the torture until that person die’s. He can't torture them that much, if they died they’d be no fun to torture again. A sign of madness.

  • Sometimes there is one individual who sparks Leons interest above all others. Its these people he is hasty to cut open and take a look inside, due to this he often scares them away by saying things like "Come with me and ill give you a good looking at" or "Come here, get on the table, shut the fuck up."

  • Occasionally when leon is at his most relaxed state of mind, a random magical creature will show up and piss him off, try and throw him out of his funk. But he has way to repel them oh yes all he has to do is grab the magical mushroom of de’galen, swat those stupid magical creatures and venture off towards the land’s of Morborna. He’s insane what more can i say ?

  • Being a man of science and a logical thinker, confident in his own intelligence Leon dislikes being wrong. Just knowing that his enemies strategy is laid out before him for him to exploit makes him swell with pride. But when his calculations go awry he becomes frustrated, then angry and then insane.

Hand-To-Hand / Martial Arts:
-Attack: ??
-Defense: ??
Strength: ??
Sonido: ??
Zanjutsu / Resurrección:
-Attack: ??
-Defense: ??
Arrancar Technique:
-Cero/Bala: ??
-Hierro/Pesquisa: ??
Tactics: ??

Show them the form of supremacy!

Zanpakuto sealed appearance:
The sheathe of the blade is made of polished wood painted with a greyish blue. Rather than end in a round stub the sheathe continues and finishes in a fine curved spike at the base, a useful fallback weapon if the sword becomes unusable. The top of the sheathe has an unusual crimson rim that flows over the edge and into the inner shaft of the scabbard.

The sword is just a replica of all of the other swords out there. The blade simple and shining, he grip colored cyan. The guard of the zanpakuto is rather strange however, rather than take a specific shape as most others seem to do it instead spikes out all over the place randomly. SOme say that it even changes where the spikes are everyday almost as if it were alive.

Ressureccion appearance:
Upon uttering the release command for his resurreccion, leon's zanpakuto compresses its form into that of a hideously black orb, emanating with an eerie aura. This is the thing that his resurreccion revolves around. A single corrupt black orb, surrounded by a tainted silver border. The orb sits neatly inside Leon's hollow hole and a single rusted shimmering chain, each link bigger than a person's fist is lodged inside the huge black pearl, emerging from the back and splitting into three smaller (although still quite large)separate chains.

At first they simply begin to float around aimlessly before suddenly whipping themselves onto leons body.
The chains that split into three go in three different directions, one goes straight up Leon's back, snaking its way along his spine and wraps itself around his neck whereas the other two go towards each of his arms, then wrapping themselves across his shoulder's. The chain nearest his right shoulder slings Around his left shoulder and vice cersa until they reach his chest once more. Slithering around his bicep and forearm.

The chains continue to extend, falling from his arms and towards his side and wrap themselves around his waist,tightly packed together. Finally the chains reach up from the waist and coil around Leon's wrists before resting in the palms of his hands an forming into a pair of evil looking clawed gauntlets.

The gauntlets are jet black, and layered with different sheets of armor around the wrist area all the way up until the tips of the fingers. Three razor sharp claws sit in between each knuckle on both hands about three or four inches longer than the finger's.

Release phrase: Juega con los miembros mutilados, si su cuerpo, un demente (Play with the mangled limbs of his body, demented one)

Ressureccion ability:
The main ability of Un demente is what can only be described as its numbing effects, with every attack the enemy sustains they would feel the pain of that attack but there would be no physical damage, the nerves in the opponents body would be struck however there would be no wound to suggest so, this happens due to the ressureccions physical ability of becoming completely holographic (like air) and passing through the opponents body with no damage done. However in order to complete the damage with no wound the blades-to a certain degree- become solid, but only enough to strike the inside of the enemy's body and becoming holographic once more to exit the body.

Vice versa it can also be said that the physical damage would be visible yet no pain would be felt from the wound at all, kinda like an anaesthetic. Meaning there could be an open wound in the opponents shoulder, no matter what they did they wouldn't be able to feel anything from that wound, as if it weren't even there. This happens because of a special liquefied substance that oozes from the edges of the blades and mixes with the blood and gets into the enemy's system. The ooze like liquid acts as an extremely powerful anaesthetic that renders whatever leon deems completely numb without sending the user to sleep.

Depending on who is receiving the attacks this type of ability would put a large amount of strain on a persons mind, they wouldn't know if they were about to feel immense pain or if they were about to see their own leg be ripped off and yet feel nothing. It places straight on the mind and nervous system as they prepare themselves for what the opponents body is convinced a painful blow. Only to be struck by nothing and once the enemy becomes used to these wounds without pain, suddenly feeling an immense amount of agony would surely damage them severely.

The second part of the ability is what is called "momento de locura" (Moment of madness) When Leon utters these words all wounds that were previously "numbed" will suddenly begin to relinquish the pain upon the enemy's body, increasing the agony by two times.

Segunda etapa: ????????
Segunda etapa ability: ?????????

Do you have what it takes to become king?

History: (Some sections of this history has been placed into spoilers due to gore and other possibly offensive material.)

Many are the memories which leon holds within his head, some are of a blissful life from birth to death and others are distraught with hardships all floating around like fish in a bowl, unsure of where to go or what to do. However he is unsure of which is the one from his childhood, unsure of which one is the real him. Well un knowingly to him the truth he has always wanted to know will be revealed right here:

In truth leon lived a harsh life filled with pain and sorrow, never a happy moment, during his childhood he went by the name of Takeshi, his family had little money to their name and lived in a rather rough side of the great corrupt world we call home, due to this they were constantly badgered by the local gangs, extorted by thugs and sometimes even mugged for the petty change they held on occasion. Neither of his parents were employed. His father, a stout man with some slightly muscled features, hardly a fighter although he'd do just about anything he could for his family because of this however he is hardly around. He did the odd favor for a friend- provided they pay him a little for it- such as washing car’s or cleaning out a friends house.

Takeshi's mother a tall and lanky woman with a large boiled nose and cobweb like brown hair, basically she looked like a fraking witch. She just sat on her ass all day. Did she do any housework i hear you ask, FUCK NO she left that to what she called “the accident.” Yep you guessed it Takeshi (leon) Was in charge of cleaning, cooking and all the other household chores.

He rarely had a chance to go to school, once every few days maybe. This was only because his good for nothing parents kept him busy. “Go fetch this, go clean this, go do this for me, go and fucking die.” His parents constantly badgered him with request’s. Request’s that if not fulfilled before they ran out of patience would be punished severely.

Because of his “busy” childhood Takeshi made little to no friends at all, eventually he found solitude in his own reassuring voice, everytime his mother locked him in the cupboard for days on end he would talk to himself, tell himself that everything would be ok. Even hold a polite conversation. That's where it all began.

Eventually Leon found himself wandering the near by parks on the rare occasion his parents let him go outside. The tree’s swayed gently in the breeze greeting him with a wave as he passed by, the smell of freshly cut grass filled his nose and the feeling of the wind running through his straggled hair was blissful. Since he made no friends and probably wouldn't any time soon he sat on a near bench and began conversing with himself, speaking small talk and giving himself compliments. Of course it wasn’t long before this strange behavior attracted the gazes of a few local delinquents. I think you can guess what happened next, a confrontation, a misunderstanding and then fists flying everywhere, blood spilled and a bone or two broke.

The idiot youth’s fled the scene with what little money Takeshi had managed to save up over the month’s, all his hard work for naught. His bruised and bloodied body lay limp under the bench, the aching throbbed through his entire being and a terrible pain shocked his arm, one of the assholes had somehow sliced his bicep. The cold air stung the bare nerves that had been torn apart and daggers seemed to inject themselves into the skin surrounding the wound, a slight trickle of blood slithered down his arm as he groggily picked himself up.


Year’s later Takeshi grew into a hardened young man, intelligent, strong and sneaky as hell. Of course he had to be if he wanted to avoid the authority’s that were on his trail no matter where he went. Upon turning the ripe age of sixteen he had reached his limit and finally gave into the madness. murdering both his mother and his father Of course they both put up quite a struggle, his mother even went as far as to stab Takeshi in the leg with a rusty kitchen knife. Alas despite their futile efforts of survival the battle ended in the master bed room, Takeshi's mother died sprawled on the bed as she tried to jump out of a nearby window, multiple stab wounds in her back. His father died in Takeshi's arms, blood puring from a stab wound in his back and staining Takeshi's clothe's.

good riddance in his opinion and it was all worth it to hear that bitch's shrieks of pain and sobs of mercy. To which Takeshi simply replied, “Shush mother, mercy came not for me when i was shut away in that dark damp cupboard and mercy certainly wont answer your cries for help.” His father on the other hand he held a slight remorse for, during his great bellows of agony Takeshi felt only the slightest twinge of sadness before his father went limp in his arms. He had just killed the one person who ws trying to make life better, but in doing so only made it worse.

Oh well what's been done cannot be undone and the madness continues. He refused to mutilate their bodies however knowing that although they were beastly people who deserved what they got they were still his parents. Instead he drove their bodies to a cold dank cemetery in the dead of night the air held a certain amount of tension and was tight with remorce. He buried them both side by side under an old apple tree.

Takeshi now traveled the globe, meeting new people and torturing the people he felt strongly towards. An example of this would be his most recent girlfriend who’m he had met in Germany. She spoke only a lick of English but it was enough for them to understand each other. Her luscious body, curved physique and plump round chest were to be desired and Takeshi had her all to himself. She held a wonderful head of fiery orange hair that was almost always let loose to slide down her back. Her facial features were that of a model, perfect pointed chin which shaped her jaw and arched into a heart shape as it reached her brow. Magnificent blue diamond pools for eyes and petite pink lips. His new toy would soon be tried out.

He took her to bars, resturaunts and other places that would gain her trust. Occasionally they sat in front of the fire and simply talked the night away, getting to know each other however this was just another ploy to gain her naive trust.

After months of teaching, persuasion, manipulation and pleasuring Takeshi cornered her in the dark alley between a few clothing stores. Although he wanted to do it so badly then and there his reasonable mind told him not too. People from outside in the streets probably saw him follow her into the alley and if walked out without her they might get suspicious. Finally he convinced the girl to run away with him to another country and get married. Or so she thought. Takeshi fortunately had enough money to make Mexico the destination and thankfully the german rose hadnt ever visited Mexico which would make it all the more easy to break her.

A few days later Takeshi had already managed to find a nice secluded spot, away from any prying eyes. A place where he could safely take his new toy apart. He blindfolded her. He assured her that he had a surprise and that all would be revealed soon. The journey was long and boring, not many forests resided in mexico and it was even harder - although not impossible - to find even a small wood. But he managed. Once they had halted in the very centre of a woodland, miles and miles away from any other people of communication of any sorts he held her prisoner in a run down shack. Isolated and many many miles from any civilization the poor German girl felt alone in a country she’d never seen before. After a week or two of starvation she finally lost her will to fight and the procedure’s could be easily carried out.

A few months later the local authorities found the empty skin of a young girl lying on a blood stained bed, her organs were strewn across the shack, blood covering almost every inch of the rusted walls and creaky floor boards. They found no evidence of where the girl came from or who she was and were unable to make a face identification due to the fact that her face had been mangled as if somebody had twisted the nose and wound it up tight. The girl was raped, tortured, murdered and probably even raped again. Big bold red letters were written on the side of the shack outside: “THE TASTE WAS FANTASTIC”

Reports of men and women being taken away and tortured to inhuman lengths. They had their eyeballs torn from their sockets, they were skinned alive, gutted, incapacitated, maimed, beaten, etc. The strangest case ever to date was a homicide, twenty people were held in a small hospital. Five bodies were found intact. Ten were found mutilated and raped. The other five had certain organs and pieces of skin missing, such as brains and hearts. The only evidence that was found to suggest what happened was a strip of human meat, boiling in a pot.

Out of all these terrible and disgusting crimes there was only ever one survivor, a twenty five year old woman with jet black hair and ebony skin. Although she was found alive, her tongue had been ripped out and her eyeballs were burned with acid. They had found the woman strapped in a chair, a pair of eyelid recliners fastened to her eyes preventing her from closing them, presumably they were used to make her watch the terrible things that happened to the other captives and were about to happen to her. The whole scenario sent the poor woman mad, she was sent to a mental institute and was never heard from again. People were beginning to call these mass series of killings "The mordern jack the ripper."

This time Takeshi found himself in the wonderful land of Japan. He had acquired a rental home and not five weeks after settling in had found another subject, fit for dissection. She was the finest specimen he had ever seen, curves in all the right places and her chest wasn't too big or too small, he would definitely have fun gutting this one. He waited for an anticipating month, performing all of the neccesary trust building events before the delectable cherub agreed to go with him to his house.

Things however did not go as planned, upon reaching his lone cottage in the middle of a small wood the girl he was with suddenly disappeared. Had she figured out his intentions ? He searched frantically, his fun had been ruined, now he would have to finish her off quickly instead of savoring her delicious screams of pain,such a waste. He heard her sobbing in the distance, the anguished cough’s of a lost woman. Edging his way towards the noise he beckoned too her “don't worry nothing’s gonna harm you while im here.” A terrible voice rung inside his head. ”Its not me you should be worrying about”

Takeshi had been pinned to the floor by some invisible mass, the air above his stomach was contorted and swirled as if there was great heat burning. The weight pressed down harder until Takeshi found it hard to breathe, his lungs caving in and his body failing him. Slowly a white mask came into view, a disgusting thing with sharp skull-like teeth and red glowing eyes. Without a second thought the mask descended upon his vunrable frame. Devoured him.

Leon remember’s not the simple times when he devoured mindlessly but he does recall the greater level of power he attained over the stupid beast he once was. At first a jumble of memories, a happy family gathered around a table, a wedding ceremony, a funeral, all amounts of things that he could recall and yet he had no idea which of these memories were true. The chatter of many people, all attempting to have their say in some sort of argument, hundreds maybe even thousands of them.

Eventually Leon became tired of these voices constantly blaring around him. “Why don't you all shut the fuck up!” he heard himself speak yet he felt no lips on a face that wasn't present. What was stranger: the voices had stopped. It was only him and his single being once again. He slid open his eyelids and stared around at a the trunks of deadly black tree’s, all reaching high into the sky and blocking the view of the clouds.

He was surprised to find that his body had changed dramatically, he retained some human features yet they were distorted in a sense. His hands were much too large to be human and were covered in a hard white substance that looked a lot like bone. This substance had formed around his fingers in the shape of deadly looking claws. His legs were long and skeletal like. The strangest thing was the mask that covered his face. No it didn't cover his face. It WAS his face. As he ran his huge hand along its surface it felt like the grim reaper itself, the structure was that of a humans. Somehow he felt refreshed at this sudden change.

Not long after he had experienced this exhilarating change in physical appearance and prowess he began to feel hungry, but this wasn't any normal hunger, it was extreme, the kind of starvation that would lead perfectly decent human being’s to cannibalism. Upon wandering what seemed to be a vast wasteland of perpetual and constant darkness Leon was confronted by another strange being who also donned a strange white mask.

The opponent was considerably larger than he was and his demonic like, horned mask was intimidating to say the least. During the conflict Leon noticed two things. One: his opponent was remarkably stupid. Two: The whole time they fought the attacker constantly tried to bite him. This was indeed intriguing.
The battle was won with ease and without mercy Leon devoured the body of his fallen adversary, hunger taking control. The roar’s and screams of the being only fueling his desire.

Years passed and the same thing repeated itself everyday. A new challenger rose up to the plate only to be beaten, tortured and devoured. With every other monster he ate his power increased, this was evident by how easily it was to defeat those who opposed him. Eventually Leon met the pinnacle of his power, where it felt almost like he was no longer gaining power from eating the weak. That's when he decided to free himself from the dark dank traces of the undergrowth.

Upon meeting wide open skies and vast masses of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see Leon could already sense the large amount of strong beings. For another set amount of years he met, fought, tortured and devoured until finally he reached the top of the food chain once more. Countless decades he spent devouring, only to find that his power refused to increase. The thought that greater power was unachievable sent Leon into a fit of insanity.

His smashed his face against the side of a stone structure, again and again and again. Blood trickling from his mouth and his mask cracking at the centre of its forehead. The pain was unbearable as the mask cracked even further, it sunk beneath his mask and forced his very soul into submission. With that pain however came immense power, three times more than the power he held before. In that hot desolate wasteland, a madman tortured himself for power. Laughing. Bellowing. Rejoicing in the pain.

By the time the process was done, Leon had fallen to his knee’s His huge limbs had shrunk into more human like attachments and the greenish tint to his skin had cleared into a pale peachiness. A head of lime green hair flowed and the many fragments of the skeletal mask were now floating away and disappearing. Leon had reach the ultimate level of power. At that moment a maniacal laugh echoed throughout hueco
mundo. “hehehe.....hehahahaha.....AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!”

Decades later Leon had joined the ranks of the espada. Being the third strongest of all arrancar Leon held the position of tercera espada. But this didnt last long. Centuries of careful planning, manipulation and last but not least pleasuring and those who stood above him were found dead. Much to the surprise of his fellow arrancar. Those that pointed the finger at him were quickly silenced by the allies he had amassed over the years. Before long they considered Leon the one true leader, a beacon of hope for the arrancar race and thus he became the King of Hueco Mundo!

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Leon Masques
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