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 The devils playground

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PostSubject: The devils playground   Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:12 am

District eighty in the north sector. The worst the soul society had to offer all wrapped up into this vast settlement. Murder, theft, arson, assault, this district had it all and that was just the boring stuff. Nobody cared, nobody in the district and nobody outside of the district. As far as the shinigami were concerned this place didnt even exist. People didnt live in houses, the lived in shelters erected by themselves out of anything they could find, if they could find it. Anybody unfit for such labor lived in the street. The people were filthy and the environment filthier. Very rarely would you find a civilised being here and if you did they were either lost or just on their way out.

The cold blanket of the night provided cover for the many gangs and thugs in this district. They took to the streets, hung around, harassed a few people, the usual nightly routine. Suddenly the crashing sound of a trash can being knocked over alerted every street rat in the area and a fellow bruiser of theirs came sprinting around a corner, his chest heaving, carrying a small bag and wide eyed with fright. Something out there had him spooked.

Death in the air: On the verge of insanity

He ran for his group in hopes that the old rule of safety in numbers would be true. When the other men and women attempted to ask him about his dilema all they recieved was a pathetic inaudible babble. He was so scared he couldnt even talk straight. He was practically crying with terror. But what could be so mortifying it could give a denizen of district eighty nightmares? This thought put the rest of the gang on edge. In silence they watched the corner with tense expressions. Whatever it was was bound to be following.

The air seemed to grow cold. The atmosphere thick and unbreathable. It was coming. They knew not what it was but they could feel it approaching. A giant mass of rage, hate and death. Should they run? The question was whispered by some. They knew that it didnt matter however, they'd be dead before they even made it out of the district. Deafening silence. The darkness seemed to stretch on forever and time with it.

The gang members looked to each other in turn, nervousness getting the better of them. They all rolled their eyes back to the corner. It was there. Standing at a massive height, it's features blackened by the night. Two emerald green eyes shining. Reflecting the promise of agony. Each man in the street tonight saw his own death in those eyes. They couldnt move. Why would they? They knew that it was far too late now.

In moments the thing was upon them. Tearing flesh. Snapping bones. Their screams penetrated the night air. Some of them fought it. Others tried to run. They all died. Blood painted the walls like the artwork of a demented child. In seconds the entire team of atleast twenty people were dead. Their corpses left derelect. Only the one who carried the bag was left. He was the first and the last to see it.

"The demon king!" He shrieked. The blade came down....
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PostSubject: Re: The devils playground   Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:29 am

The Dropping Sky

A brisk night, what more could he ask for? The sounds of people whimpering upon glance at the tall figure they were shocked. His pale skin looked beautiful against the silver moon light. Screams, screams of the dammed. Who was causing this. Only Jin was the feared one in distract eighty and if someone were trying to work his way up upon the ladder of social standings Jin would not be pleased. He was close as he heard the final scream, Jin decided to go take a look. The true demon was coming as his slurred voice could be heard from afar. “Come here young-ling so I can rip your throat out!”

Jin was pissed, he was trying to scan the area for this person but what he saw was the useless dead corpses around him. Standing in their blood made Jin laugh. His twisted laugh echoed through the area as the loud hunk of metal which was his respirator was distorting the sound to make it even more terrifying. All that came to check out the area had either ran away or passed out from the cold and death like appearance of Jin. His presence was filling the air. In his hand was a large machete. It was rather blunt however Jin liked it like that, so he could make the scum beneath him feel even more pain. “Despair runs through you. If you have the balls of a bull show your face and relieve your self to the true king of demons.”

Jin swung the large machete, he was pissed. People coming into the district which was obvious this this was his and starting to ruin the shit he created. Jin had a ever growing aura about him, the decaying feeling of death ran translucent within him and around him. The feeling of apathy ran wild as Jin now yelled out after coughing several violent times. “Face me scum!”

[Sorry about the post, my first post in some time. It will only get better brother.]
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Posts : 252
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: The devils playground   Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:58 pm

As Artix stood amongst the corpses another damned street rat came out of nowhere. He had short jet black hair, pale skin and what looked like some kind of strange black contraption attached to his face. Some kind of breathing device? if so it would be a valuable weak poiint. Or maybe this guy just thought it made him look "tough." The stranger laughed and through that weird thing on his face his laugh was almost unrecognisable as human. It was distorted and shadowed. From the guy's height and build he was pretty strong, atleast leagues higher than these petty thieves and muggers. Artix hoped that for the first time in centuries he would be given a good fight. The Demon King turned to face his foe, sizing him up at full height...

“Despair runs through you. If you have the balls of a bull show your face and relieve your self to the true king of demons.”

Was the guy blind? It was the middle of the night and hard to se but for gods sake he was only standing a few meters away and if Artix could see him then surely he could see Artix. He looked to his left and right to check if it was actually him this guy was looking for but nobody else had dared appear out in the open. This guy was looking for a fight with Artix and couldnt even see an inch passed his own nose. Pathetic!

This guy was another example of what was wrong with the world; obnoxious people who think that they're bigger than they really are. Of course it isnt a problem if somebody has strong ambitions but when you fool yourself into thinking you can do when you clearly cant is just dumb and this guy's brain clearly thought he could harrass people anytime he wanted and get away with it.

The idiot with the retainer began swinging his sword around like a fool. All Artix saw from this guy was pure idiocy. He was throwing his life away with no chances of ever coming out the winner. And he was coughing like a heavy smoker. This made Artix raise an eyebrow. The guy was blind, required a rebreather which acted as a sever weakpoint and was clearly in sick health. Yeah, he was a right dimwit.

“Face me scum!”

"Are you retarded?" Artix asked. "I've been facing you all this time while you acted like an idiot. Look, clearly you aint in good health and your brain has a few screws loose. Put the sharp pointy thing down and let me put you out of your misery."
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PostSubject: Re: The devils playground   

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The devils playground
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