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 Shigematsu Takakagi

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PostSubject: Shigematsu Takakagi   Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:20 pm

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Shigematsu Takakagi
Age: 437 looks 24
Gender: Male

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: Height 5 feet 7 inches. Weight 145 lbs.
Hair and eye color: Short, spiky, crimson red hair. Hazel eyes.
He has well taken care of short, spiky, crimson red hair. He has beautiful hazel eyes. However his eyes don’t draw much attention to his face unlike his scars. He has one going down vertically across his left eye. Another one goes horizontally across his nose. He is almost always wearing a face without any emotion, no matter what he might happen to be doing. However during the times where he experiences the most emotion he can his face will show it, if only very slightly.

He is not the tallest nor the biggest person out there. Most people wouldn’t think that he is much of a fighter from just looking at him while he is wearing his clothes. However due to his training and discipline he has lean muscles and can fight better than any normal person. He is usually wearing normal long sleeved shirts and pants. Also he is always wearing pitch black gloves. When he isn’t wearing what he usually wears to blend in, he is wearing his ninja outfit. If a person saw him with out some or all of his clothes on, they would immediately notice all of the scars he has. He is covered head to toe with scars from the many battles that he had been in. Most who see all the scars he has would wonder how many battles he has been in.

He doesn’t wear any jewelry or anything else like that. He does however carry a wide array of weapons on him at all times. Though most are hidden inside his clothes or other places except for his sword. It can be seen. It is well taken care of as well as all the other weapons he carries. All are very sharp and shiny, but they look very plain gray, as there is no point for them to be flashy and draw more attention to them.

How strong is your resolve?

Many people who talk or converse with him would think that he is emotionless, but that isn’t the case. He feels emotion like anyone else. He just doesn’t express it with his face, and he has a hard time expressing his feelings through words. He also knows that showing emotion in battle or anywhere else can be the difference between life and death.

Coming from a ninja clan, he lives to serve a worthy master. While his only ambition is to serve a worthy master and help them with their goals. This doesn’t mean that he can’t serve as a leader himself. He has studied a lot of things including how to be a good leader. Therefore he himself could make a great leader, however it is not his wish. He will serve as a leader, if there is no better and until a better appears. So he is searching, even to this day, for a worthy master to serve.

He hates people who are cocky and arrogant, especially those who don’t have the abilities to back it up. This wont affect his missions whether working with a cocky or arrogant person, or facing off against them. He will also serve under an arrogant or cocky person. As long as they have the worthy abilities of a ruler, he will serve under that person, if they will have him.

He doesn’t usually speak any more than is necessary. He speaks the truth unless he is trying to deceive others. He will also sometimes try to make someone angry during a fight, because an angry person usually makes more mistakes than a calm one.
About who is right and wrong, what is justice and what isn’t. He knows that the one who is right and the one who has justice on there side will be the winner in the end. Meaning that the person doesn’t necessary have to be right to be right, and this isn’t about arguments. It is a fact that the person who wins has the right to decide what is right and wrong. As well as they can write history to their favor, so they have justice on their side. So in the end the person who is right will technically win.


  • Speed - He has a lot of speed, and relies on it to do a lot of different things. Manly used to avoid attacks in battle, because no matter how powerful the attack it wont matter if it can't hit.
  • Poison/Venom Knowledge - His knowledge of poisons and venoms is near unmatched. He knows all the different kinds of poisons and venoms. As well as what they do. He carries a lot of poisons and venom and uses them to coat his blades. He also has been slowly making himself immune to poisons and venoms. However he is not completely immune to all of them, but very resistant. (Note that these posions and venoms can be obtained and learned about by all. As well as most of them have antivenins/anti-poison for them.)
  • Loyal - He is loyal only to a worthy master. For his master he will obey any order and do anything that is asked of him except take his own life. Even if that means going on a suicide mission. He wont take his own life because if his master asks him to, then that would indicate that that person isn't worthy. Especially if they can't see what use he would and could be. If the person he believes to be a worthy master proves to be an unworthy one, then his loyalties from them will be gone.
  • Calm - No matter the situation. No matter what happens, he will keep a cool head and stay calm. He wont let his feelings get the better of him, because he knows that staying calm will help him get through the toughest of situations.
  • Knowledge of The Human Body - He knows a lot about the human body. Manly about where all the vitals spots are within the human body. So he can make precise attacks to kill his enemy as quickly as he can.
  • Medicinal Knowledge - Being in lots of fights, as well as having lots of injuries, he quickly picked up information about medicinal things. This way he can patch up and take care of his own wounds.
  • Insight/Intuition - He has some insight into people and about whether they are going to betray him or not. He also has intuition on whether he might be walking into a trap or not.


  • Cold - He is usually cold and distant. He doesn't like to get close to people or things nor does he get close much at all. Because of this he doesn't have many friends or people close to him. So no one will be around to help him if he would ever need it.
  • Lacking Great Ambition - While he has an ambition in most people's eyes they wouldn't consider that a great ambition. His only ambition is to serve a worthy master, but finding that master takes a long time.
  • Suspicious - People betray each other all the time, it's a simple fact of life. So if you are not prepared to be betrayed then you might just get killed. That's why he is suspicious of everyone, even if he doesn't show it. He is just being prepared to be betrayed. After all he has been betrayed and has betrayed countless number of times.
  • Secretive - He doesn't talk a lot about who he is or about himself at all. He keeps a lot of the things he knows a secret. Not giving people a lot of information about oneself can help keep you alive.

With every past there is a future

He was born into a ninja clan and his parents were both happy that he was a boy. But happiness soon turned to fear, once they learned what his hair and eye color was. No one had been born with his kind of hair or eyes before, so everyone within the clan thought that he was cursed. So they were going to watch him, and see if he was really cursed or not.

As he grew up he was shunned by the others and no one dared to stay to close to him for long. This didn’t stop him from learning the arts of being a ninja from the clan teacher. Despite being rejected by everyone he did his best and became the top student of the ninja arts in class. However this did not get acceptance from the clan or any of the kids. They didn’t even recognize him as the best student.

At the age of fifteen he was granted permission to go out on a mission with another person from the clan. The mission was to assassinate an important official. This was his first mission, what should have been an easy mission turned out to be a disaster. On his first mission he was betrayed by his clansmen and was led into an ambush. “Hahaha, it looks like you really turned out to be cursed.” The clansmen laughed. Shigematsu looked around calmly analyzing the situation that he was currently in. “Why have you betrayed the clan?” Shigematsu responded calmly. “Why isn’t it obvious. For money of course. What other reason would there be. Hahaha.” The clansmen laughed. “Man you are naive you are. Now this is where you die.” The clansmen became serious and drew his weapon. After that the fight ensued.

After the fight was over only Shigematsu was still standing. His outfit cut up and having his first scars. He went over and cut off the heads of his dead clansmen and the target he was supposed to assassinated. With their heads in his hand he walked back to the village. The entire village was surprised to see how torn up he was when he returned, but they were amazed when he told them what happened and for completing the mission. After that no one in the village thought of him as cursed, but instead as blessed.

After he rested and healed his wounds, he was off onto more missions and learning more about his art. As he grew older he gained more scars and more knowledge. He helped train the young ones of the village getting close to a few of them, but never having or thinking of having any of his own.

Then when he was twenty years old, he was given his hardest mission yet. He was to go alone and infiltrate the most highly guarded castle to assassinate one of the leaders of the country. This was pretty much a suicide mission, but it had to be done. So he set off for what would be his last mission. However no one knew it would be his last mission.

He went and infiltrated the castle way to easily. He thought he was probably walking into a trap, but this mission has to be completed. He snuck into the room where his target was. That’s when the lights were lit showing dozens of soldiers and his target no where in site. It would seem his target was tipped off about the assassination. All of his exits were sealed off. Which means there was only one way out and that was to break through.

So he fought as hard as he could, but more and more soldiers kept coming and he was running out of energy. This was the end. However he was going to take down as many as he could, but without much energy there was only one way to do that. He pulled out his poison bombs and threw them all around. After throwing them around he got stabbed through the heart.

Having no regrets after dying, he immediately moved on to Soul Society and Rukongai. He was confused at first, but he soon learned where he was and that he was really dead. From there he knew what he had to do, he had to search for a person who would be a worthy master. That is what he is doing even until this day, while not drawing to much attention to himself, he is not known to any. Except for those that have just met him, he quickly fades from their memories because he didn’t leave much of an impression in the first place.

Written sample:
Quote :
"Shigematsu." The chief of the clan said in a deep old voice. “Yes chief." Shigematsu responded promptly while kneeling down on his left knee. His right fist was touching the ground in front of him while he had his head bowed, as a sign of respect for the current leader of the clan. “I am sending you on a mission with my granddaughter Rika. It will be her first mission so I want the best and most loyal to accompany her." The chief spoke in a soft and somewhat sad tone. “Yes, I will make sure nothing bad happens chief." He looked up opening his eyes, “Then I will be going now.” The chief just nodded in silence.

He left the chief's room and headed for the training field. That was the place that you would most likely find Rika. She wanted to get stronger, but she has always been a little clumsy which slows progress and makes it so she has to train more than most. Her view appeared in front of him as he slowly approached the training field quietly. Her small and slender frame. She has beautiful hair and eyes. She has a perfect complexion, yet she has small breasts. However she is only fourteen and could still grow. He stopped and leaned against the wall of a building and watched quietly as she trained.

As she practiced for awhile she slipped up and fell onto the ground. Shigematsu walked up when she fell saying, "Still clumsy as always I see." “Oh quiet Shige. So what have you come here for besides to tease me?" Rika she responded grouchily. “You are going to be going on your first mission with me." A small smile touched his face. “Alright I get to go on a mission." She sounded excited. “But why do I have to go with you?" She said pouting with a hint of nervousness and fondness. “The chief ordered it so. Saddle up, We are leaving soon. We will meet up by the entrance to the village." He said walking away to get ready himself.
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PostSubject: Re: Shigematsu Takakagi   Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:19 pm

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Shigematsu Takakagi
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