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 A Midnight Meeting [closed]

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PostSubject: A Midnight Meeting [closed]   Sat May 28, 2011 5:52 pm

Up on the roof of a coffee shop, Akimoto Nakamura sat, waiting for dawn. The cool night air chilled him, and the lack of people running around allowed an eerie quiet to settle upon the streets. Perfect. The calm of the night was what Aki loved most. Less noise to distract him. Leaning back, the long-haired soul let his mind think about why he was still here. Why hadn't he passed on yet? What was keeping him bound to this world? He hadn't really cared much about these facts until recently. The chain attached to his chest had started eating itself in a most violent fashion. One link at a time it disappeared, and with each of these events came extreme pain and suffering for Aki. The noise itself was enough to drive him mad, but the actual pain he felt was almost too much to bear. Each link that was eaten was louder and more painful than the last. He wasn't sure what would happen when the last six links were gone, and he really didn't want to find out. The fear of whatever lay in wait at that point was overwhelming.

Hearing a noise off to the side, Akimoto snapped his attention to the alleyway next to the building he was atop. It sounded like footsteps. No matter then, the steps were small. Had they been a bit louder, he might have worried, as it may have been one of those monsters that chased him the other day. It called itself a hollow. Whatever a hollow was, he would rather not have another encounter with one. The one he did bump into was mean, nasty, and full of hatred. Not only that, but it smelled of blood. Akimoto felt a chill run through him. The thought of that thing was enough to bother him. Remembering the alleyway noise, the man stood up and walked over o the edge of the rooftop. Feeling the raised edge with his toes, he stopped just before falling off. He had no idea what he was doing, but for some reason, he felt like trying to communicate. Aki knew that people who were alive couldn't speak to him, nor hear him. That being said, there was something pulling him, making him want to reach out.

Leaning over a bit, the long-haired man spoke softly, “Hello? Can you hear me at all?” Even though his voice was soft, the words rung out in the night air as if he had said them forcefully. As the inquiry reached the alleyway, the footsteps stopped. Whatever it was, it had heard him. Now another chill ran through his body. What if it was another hollow? Stepping back from the edge, Aki moved back to the center of the rooftop and sat. He hadn't smelled any blood in the air, nor felt a malicious presence, but the fact still remained that it could be a hollow. A brisk wind picked up, washing him with the cool night air. Leaning back, the man sighed. Hopefully he wouldn't have to run again.
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PostSubject: Re: A Midnight Meeting [closed]   Sat May 28, 2011 6:21 pm

It was dark, that much was obvious considering it was the middle of the night and the street-lights were out of commission in this area. That was why she had picked this area of Karakura afterall. No light meant no stares from people wanting nothing more than to exploit her good looks or just plain pester her. A few weeks had passed since the events at school, she didn't want to think about it so she put it out of mind, it was Saturday and she could hear the sounds of a distant brawl. Moving further into the dark area the sounds soon went away. there were no bars in this area and all the shops were closed, that suited Udiya perfectly. This night she had planned on finding some abandoned roof and just sit there while reading her book, she had brought a Torch for that purpose.

Turning into a promising alley she walked slowly, stepping on some homeless sod would be a very embarrassing mistake, that and she didn't want to meet anyone that could spoil her night.
Suddenly a voice rang out in the night, Udiya stopped dead in her tracks. Looking around she searched for the source of the voice. It had come from above and even though the voice held no hostility she still stood there for a good number of minutes trying to decide what her next step should be.

She was tempted to just ignore the voice and search out a different alley, however the voice had come from the roof she had scouted out earlier during the day, and it definetly hadn't sounded very hostile. It was a big roof, maybe they could each be in their own corner and not disturb the other?

Looking around she spotted a ladder leading all the way to the roof. had she not known that it would be there it would have been very hard to see it in the darkness. Going up to it she slowly began to climb. Despite her pace she reached the roof within two minutes. After crawling over the top she got up on her feet and looked around, she could vaguely spot someone sitting at the centre of the roof "...Yes?" she uncertainly replied to the earlier question. She could barely see him in the dark without going closer but she preferred to be close to the ladder in case he turned out to be hostile, or someone who thought that the night was a good excuse to try and force himself on her.
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PostSubject: Re: A Midnight Meeting [closed]   Tue Jun 07, 2011 5:32 pm

((OOC: Sorry it took so long to reply, my dad showed up for a week and I haven't seen him in two years.))

The sounds of the footsteps had no sooner left the midnight air than did the sounds of someone climbing the ladder on the side of the building ring out. Whatever had heard him call out was now on its way up to the rooftop. Fantastic. Either the being would be friendly, in which case Akimoto would be out of practice and most likely awkward, or it would be hostile, in which case a fight was imminent. Either way, this would be fun. Aki loved to fight anyways. Not only that, but he also enjoyed company.

A minute passed, and the footsteps on the ladder grew louder and louder, but slowly came to a stop. There was a brief moment of silence before a quiet, “...yes?” came from the edge of the building. The voice was feminine in nature, and seemed as though it was staying exactly where it was. They weren't coming any closer to him, which he took as a sign of lack of hostility. A slight sense of disappointment ran through Akimoto. He had kind of wanted a fight, but no matter. It just meant that whoever it was might actually be friendly.

Turning his head towards the origin of the voice, Akimoto gave a slight wave. “Hello there.” As his arm waved back and forth slowly, so did the chain hanging from his chest. The bright white cloth over his eyes reflected the moonlight vibrantly, more so than the rest of his white attire. His body, though fairly transparent, would be very visible in comparison to the rest of the dull rooftop. Speaking up once more, Aki said in a moderately happy tone, “I'm glad you can actually hear me, it has been a long time since someone could actually do so.” Flashing a small smile, Akimoto hoped that they could see him too. Maybe he could actually be friends with this person. Or maybe they would freak out because he was a soul. He really hoped for the first one.

Standing up again, the white-clad soul's hair and clothing fluttered again in the wind. It was a little colder than the last, and Akimoto could feel the air growing heavy. There was a storm coming. Not for a while, but it would be here eventually. When it did, he would once again get to experience the oddity of getting wet as rain fell through your body. If there was one thing he was unsure about, it was how he felt about that. In life, he had loved the rain, but when it falls though you, it is a bit different. Clearing his mind of the coming storm, he returned his focus to the being on the edge of the building. "May I ask what your name is?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Midnight Meeting [closed]   

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A Midnight Meeting [closed]
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