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Kiyoko Kaneko

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PostSubject: Kiyoko Kaneko   Wed May 25, 2011 1:23 am

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Kiyoko Kaneko
Age: looks 19, is actually 24
Gender: Female

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: 5"7, 100lbs
Hair and eye color: Long, straight brown hair that reaches to the small of her back, and bright, golden eyes.
Appearance: Kiyoko, a petite young girl who has yet to fill her own body, definetly does not look her age. With the the hands of a nine year old girl, and wrists small enough she can bracelet them with her fingers, many mistake her for the pre-teen she looks to be. Kiyoko has a very sweet face, the button nose, the full, round lips and wide eyes that shine even when the sun doesn't.

Although she has a disadvantage when it comes to height, her legs are very long, and take up most of her body. As for her torso, her waist is thin and her bust is the defenition of 'invisible'. However, although her looks don't show it, she is a very strong girl and can hold her own in a fight.

Kiyoko's sense of style is a strange one to say the least. On lazy days, she wears a large, red sweater that belonged to her father and has worn down to a bright pink throughout the years. Usually, with this sweater, she sports a black skirt that reaches her knees, and brown dress shoes that belonged to her mother, which have also dulled through the years. With every outfit, Kiyoko wraps a Bright Maroon skarf thrice around her slim neck, the scarf covers her shoulders and the ends usually fall to just over her knees. Also, as everyday is considered a 'lazy day' for Kiyoko, this is her daily outfit, other than her school uniform. On her left ring finger, Kiyoko wears her family ring, with a white falcon engraved and painted on an onyx stone.

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: There isn't a time when you can't find Kiyoko smiling, the only person who has ever seen her in a fragile state is her brother, Hayato, and even then, she tries her best to keep the atmosphere light.

Kiyoko is the epitome of sweet, innocent and kind. This girl is not able to hurt a fly, and she puts others before herself, literally. If she was in the situation where she would have to choose between herself and another human being, she would sacrifice herself in a second.

Kiyoko isn't what you call an open book, though she is not the gloomy, reclusive type of person, she is very outgoing, and can keep hopes high even when the going gets tough. However, when talking to Kiyoko, you'll find she keeps her darkest emotions to herself, and redirects a conversation when it strays too close to a sensitive topic, as it threatens her optimistic demeanor.

Even Hayato, the only person Kiyoko can trust, has never conjured these sorrowful emotions from Kiyoko. Her will is too strong to break through the mask she has so carefully crafted, and that, sadly, will be her breaking point.


  • Empathy: Kiyoko is very in tune with other's emotions, so it is easy for her to get close to different kinds of people.
  • Family: She is very family orientated, so she will do anything for her brother, and is the main focus of her protection.
  • Social: she is a very sociable girl, and can read a person from just one conversation.
  • Optimistic: She can silence a room with her positive personality, especially when there is panic in the air.


  • Self Sacrificing: Kiyoko puts anything living before herself, whether it's because she has a dark past or something totally different, not many know.
  • Trusting: although this can be a good thing, Kiyoko is what you would call 'too trusting', she believes there is something good in every human being, which, as you can guess, cannot be a good thing.
  • Family: What can be her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness, this is where her self sacrificing really comes to a test, and, like mentioned before, she would do anything for her brother.
  • Fragile: Kiyoko is not physically, but mentally weak, and it shows behind the mask of her personality.

With every past there is a future

History: Kiyoko was born three years before Hayato, and although those three years were wonderful and full of good memories, it was her brother's birth that gave Kiyoko's life meaning. From the moment her mother announced she was, once again, pregnant, to the moment Kiyoko heard the first, shrieking cry of a newborn baby between the cracks of the hospital door, she knew the boy was her responsibility as an older sister. As the years went by, that became very true and although Hayato turned out to be a bit of a trouble maker, Kiyoko loved him very much, and vowed to let nothing happen to him.

Their family wasn't the richest, but they were happy, and Kiyoko treasured each day with them. They would run and greet their father at the door when he got home from work, they would eat dinner, which usually included a special treat for Kiyoko and Hayato for dessert, and they would pick between playing a game or going on a walk. Kiyoko loved playing games just as much as any other kid, but it was the walks she enjoyed the most. She loved the feel of the winter chill on her cheeks, and once her mother noticed the pink flush of Kiyoko's nose, she would wrap a large red scarf around her small head. The red scarf was Kiyoko's favourite, and loved to play with the unraveling ends.

When Kiyoko was nine, and Hayato was six, their parents left for a work trip, leaving the children at home with an old nanny who spoke only Chinese. The nanny was kind, but she was slowly withering away, and was too fragile to actually take care of the siblings. Kiyoko was left to fend for herself and her brother, which she found, amazingly, easy. She would cook the meals, clean the house, and play with her little brother, who missed his parents very much. Although, when their parents finally came home, she was relieved, and a bit tired, but she wanted to go for a walk.

After a dinner of porkchops and mashed potatos, and a dessert of chocolate ice cream, the family went out for a night's walk, to watch the sunset. It was Hayato's choice for the destination, and he chose the fishing bridge over the river bank, the family's favourite. Kiyoko strolled hand in hand with her mother and father, and Hayato frolicked ahead, sometimes pretending he was an airplane and sometimes looking at shiny things at the side of the road. The sun started to set, and the sky was bright pink, as if it was a blooming cherry blossom.

The bridge was the same as ever, the railing chipped green from over usage and the nails holding the wooden boards together were starting to rust, but this was the place Hayato and Kiyoko cherished the most. It had the perfect view of the summer sunset, which had turned a deeper pink since they arrived, and an old bench to watch the sky. The family sat quietly on this bench, Kiyoko in her father's lap and Hayato in his mother's, and dipped barefeet into the slow river in front of them.

After the sun set, they slipped their shoes back onto their feet and left the bridge, tired and ready to go home. However, when they looked ahead, they found their path blocked by a group of three or four shady looking men, each holding a menacing stare. Two of the men each pulled out a shiny silver gun and aimed it at the adults "Give us everything!" one called out in a low growl. Kiyoko felt herself being directed behind her mother, and looked over to see her father was doing the same with Hayato, she saw the confusion in his wide eyes and, with a nervous grin, told him everything would be okay.

Kiyoko and Hayato watched as their mother and father begged the men to let them go home, they were already in debt with the bank, and didn't have anything to spare. Kiyoko knew what this meant, but she didn't understand why they were telling these men about their money. That wasn't their business, was it?

Before Kiyoko could ask her mother that question, a deafening blast sounded, piercing Kiyoko's ears, then another bang sounded soon after. She immediatly felt her mother's weight colapse on top of her, and heard a thump beside her. She tried desperately to keep her mother's body from falling to the ground, but she was too heavy, and Kiyoko toppled over. The men had already ran away by then, but Kiyoko didn't hear their clumsy footsteps, she watched as her parents took their last breaths, heard her little brother weep over her father, and felt the blood seep through her mother's shirt. They were dead.

Kiyoko couldn't remeber how long they stayed there, Hayato sobbing and Kiyoko staring wide eyed at her dead parents on the ground. She remembered, after the horror of the ambulance and the questions from the police men, an aching pain start in her throat, that slowly made it's way toward her chest. She felt guilt, rage, and overall, pain, but she wasn't going to let any of it get to her, she had to take care of Hayato.

Hayato had told Kiyoko that he would take care of her that, of course, was not the case. Her brother seemed to deal with their parent's death in a totally different way, a way that got him into alot of trouble. She told him about their situation, if they didn't want to be separated, he needed to act like a responsible young boy, he needed to try his best not to get in trouble. it didn't help much, but Kiyoko loved Hayato more than anything.

Each day, Kiyoko would pick Hayato up from school and they would walk to their foster home, they would get a new foster home each month, and they would ask each other about their day, although it was usually Kiyoko doing the asking and Hayato doing the telling. This went on for about six years, and when Kiyoko was twelve and Hayato was nine, they moved to a girls and boys boarding school, where they spent five years in the same room, wearing the same uniforms and sleeping in the same beds. Kiyoko would take care of her brother throughout these years, he was bullied day after day, but he didn't want Kiyoko to get involved, and she didn't. She would bandage his wounds and care for him when he was sick, but she would never rupture his daily life at the school.

Each day, Hayato would come back looking more tough and angry, though each time Kiyoko asked, he would brush her off, giving her the same excuse every time. He even started to smoke and drink, and would come home high, drunk, or both at a time. Kiyoko hated her brother's addictions with a passion, but had no idea how to stop them without hurting him. Each time she demanded he should stop, he would get angry, and defensive, so after awhile, Kiyoko stopped asking and lied quietly in her bed each night he came home late.

His rage was growing, and Kiyoko knew why. She had heard him wake up early to sneak away from her, she had seen the gun hidden under his mattress, he had found the men who had killed their parents. And, when Hayato snuck out of their room one night at midnight, Kiyoko followed him, making sure every step she took was a quiet one.

The path Hayato lead for her was a dark one, he lead her into the city, downtown area, into an empty parking lot, filled with many men and boys facing her brother with sneers on their faces. Her brother stood calmly in front of them, hands in his pockets, smoking a cigarette. For a moment, she saw only Hayato and was proud, he was responable, and he could take care of himself. She watched silently, taking in their stand off.

He confronted them, and they laughed at him, the leader even going so far as to sneer in his face, recalling that evening of what felt like a hundred years ago, but Hayato only felt angrier and angrier. With his rage he became reckless, and he attacked them head on and with stupidity racing by his side. The fight went alright for one guy against five for a few minutes, but in the end it was Hayato standing against a wall, and the leader pointing his gun at him, pulling the trigger. Hayato could not move. He was broken, and tired in more ways than one. he glared at the men that had ruined him, and then smiled triumphantly. Holding his arms out wide open, he said, "Fine then. Kill me."

Kiyoko panicked, she was supposed to take care of him, Hayato was hers, they weren't allowed to take him from her. Not realising her mistake, Kiyoko left her hiding place and sprinted towards her brother. Just as she embraced Hayato, the man with the gun pulled the trigger, the blast rung in her ears, and she heard and saw nothing but her brother. "You're all flushed" she lifted the scarf from her neck and wrapped in around his, she wasn't cold, and Hayato was getting teary eyed from the wind.

"Why?!" Hayato moaned with horror in his eyes. His cry broke her memory, and Kiyoko suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower back, there was a copper taste in her mouth, choking her, and she coughed softly onto her brother's chest. He was barely holding her up, but she could already feel her body giving away. Everything started turning red, and she closed her eyes, feeling the pain fade with her mind.

Written sample:
Quote :
(rp sample from mai) The leaves were growing bright green, with pink flowers sprouting from the tips of each branch. Each blossom was perfect in their own, unique way, none were browning, as they just fully bloomed the day before, and each was strong while holding on to the golden pollen they produced every spring. The honeybees would come soon, and then the beehive in the far corner of the courtyard would be full of new, golden honey fresh for harvest. This was one of Mai’s favourite things to do, honey collecting was challenging, and her Javaid elders made her do it after the pollination process was finished. Not only to help Mai develop greater hunting skills, but she also loved the taste of fresh honey in her tea. Although, a couple of times she had found a dead bee stuck to her spoonful.

Oh how Mai loved spring. She sighed and fell back into the tall blades of grass, it was damp from the morning dew, and soaked the flimsy white dress Mai sported. The sun was shining too brightly and too hot for her to notice though, it almost felt good to get a little wet on a day as it was, hot and windy, although the tall buildings of the institute, all she felt surrounded the courtyard was the sun.

“Mai!” a sudden shriek of one of her Javaid elders shattered her peace, making her sit up with a jolt, “Mai! Get over here now! What the hell are you doing in the grass? You could get...” Mai relaxed once more after thirty seconds of Amelia’s ramblings, which is how it always was with Amelia, something would go wrong, and she would call for Mai right away. As if she could fix every problem in the institute.

“Mai, Mai!” the nurse wailed with obvious loathing in her voice. Mai sighed again and stood up from her comfortable position, “I’m coming!” she called calmly as she pulled off her soaked dress, revealing her puffy undergarments. The workers in the institute never minded Mai walking around in only her underwear, they were all too old to be offended. “Hurry!” Amelia shrieked, something was off with her voice, as if she had just seen something repulsive. Mai imagined it to be a rat, or a dorm mouse sneaking into the building. She had seen quite a few of them in the grass; they were probably just looking for something to eat.

However, when Mai walked into the room, there was no mouse, there was a bird, dead, spread out on the already dirty carpet. Amelia flinched when Mai bent down to pick it up, and she smirked, knowing Amelia was afraid of anything rotten. "This little guy deserves a proper burial." Mai cupped the small bird in her delicate hands, stroking the feathers on the top of its head. There were many animals living in the high grass of the courtyard, Mai was not surprised if there was a cat lurking around in there. Many of such animals snuck into the institute from time to time, dragging in little treats such as a dead mouse or bird.

Mai walked out of the kitchen and into the courtyard, carefully untwisting the bird's neck into a proper position. Even though Mai was squeamish when it came to dead bodies, she had never freaked when she saw a dead animal, they were everywhere, and Mai was quite used to them. She even buried every single one she had found next to the biggest tree in the courtyard, the one that grew almost to the top of the building. Mai cautiously stepped over the large roots jutting out of the ground, and squatted over a spot right between them, each bigger then Mai's two arms put together. In the soft soil surrounding them, many sticks tied into crosses were wedged into the ground, making a tiny cemetery. Mai found a section of the dirt that was not already occupied by a stick, and she dug a neat, bird-sized hole with her hand. She then placed the little bird into the hole, covered it with dirt, and stuck a small stick on the mound. After wiping her hands, she stood up, wiping off her soiled garments. With a little nod, she looked into the many branches of the tree and said 'I trust you', a tradition she followed every burial. A bird, only a bit larger than the one she had just buried, landed on the nearest protruding branch. It tweeted sweetly, as if saying 'thank you' to Mai, and flew away again. Mai laughed and gave a salute before making her way back to the institute.

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Kiyoko Kaneko
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