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 Hayato Kaneko

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Hayato Kaneko


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PostSubject: Hayato Kaneko    Tue May 24, 2011 10:46 pm

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Hayato Kaneko
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: 6'4, 150 lbs
Hair and eye color: His hair is longish and white, and usually back in a scruffy ponytail. His eyes are bright and golden with flecks of silver.
Appearance: Hayato is tall and gangly, with his abdomen taking up most of that space. He has long, thin fingers that are perfect for playing a piano, so it's lucky he does. His white hair is rather badly cut, as if he does not care about his appearance, so his bangs hang in front of his eyes. Instead of getting a hair cut, he has let his hair grow to a scruffy, unrefined length that reaches to his shoulders, so he usually has it pulled back into a loose tail. He mostly goes around unshaved unless he happens to remember to trim his shadow, and it is not often that you find him without something sticking out of his mouth in place of a cigarette.

He usually wears a black dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbow, and pinstripe black pants to dress up for his job as a bartender. Sometimes he'll wear a vest with this, but usually he just sticks to black shoes to add a touch of dress-up. Around his kneck he wears a bright maroon scarf because it belonged to his deceased older sister. Luckily for him, it goes quite nicely with his shirt. Hies eyes are a liquid gold colour that have flecks of silver ingrained into them, and they always look empty and sad, even when he tries to manage a smile.

He has small scars all over his body, such as healed bullet wounds, and knife cuts. He has a well toned body, because of his ability to somehow get into as many fights as he possibly can. He's also rather reckless with himself, which is why he has so many scrapes and bruises. He has an eight pack, but otherwise his arm and leg muscles are pretty normal. On his right ring finger, he wears the Kaneko crest, which is a white falcon set on an onyx stone.

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: Hayato is a rather strange individual, like a fairy out of a story book, it seems he can only manage to focus on one emotion at a time, which can lead to many bad things. Although he is rather dark compared to his sister Kiyoko, she is the only one who can manage to make him smile. He has a bit of an addictive personality, where he is very fond of the drink, and he likes to smoke. He has never gotten addicted to any drugs however, because that is where he has to cross the line, especially since his older sister already hated that he smoked or drank.

When talking to Hayato, he seems to be either very cynical, or he's trying to redirect the conversation. He is a broken man, with not really any emotion but despair, yet he fronts the illusion of happiness when around others, as if his sister's death has not affected him so deeply at all. He has a nervous habit where he has to always have something in his mouth, a cigarette preferably, but if he doesn't have one handy it's a pen or toothpick. Hayato mostly keeps to himself nowadays, and his only friends are those in the bar he works at and owns, and sometimes new ones made during bartending. of course, he also knows a couple of the regulars.

The one thing that Hayato finds solace in is playing the old piano that sits in the corner of the bar that he owns. After his shift is over, he'll play for hours even after everyone has left and the bar is locked up. The only one he ever let boss him around was Kiyoko, so he is prone to fighting with a horrible rage that consumes him sometimes. He is very quick to anger, and very slow to cool down. Kiyoko was also the only person who ever made him feel happy, or complete, so when she died he felt as if his heart had broken in half, which is why he is prone to wear her maroon scarf.


  • Hayato is excellent in a fight because of his years of experience in street scrapping, and his training for revenge. He is also rather good with using a knife and he keeps a small collection of them in his flat above the bar.
  • He has a one track mind which helps to keep him focused on his ultimate goals.
  • He is very family oriented, and very loyal to it. The most important thing to him was his sister, and nothing else really mattered, and he would have done anything for her. He still would even after her death.
  • He's always very in tune to his environment, and ready for anything, so he has great reflexes.
  • He is musically inclined when it comes to the piano, and it is also one of the only things he really enjoys.


  • Becausee of his obsessive personality, he tends to get other people hurt when he's going for his goals.
  • He blames himself, and rightly so, for his sister's death. Because of this, he is very self-abusive and doesn't really take care of himself. Especially since his older sister was the one who took care of him.
  • He's reckless and careless with himself because he doesn't really care if he lives or dies. He'll get into fights that don't even involve him just because he can.
  • He has a taste for alcohol and smoking, and because he owns a bar with endless amounts of both, he tends to let himself get completely smashed whenever he can.
  • He's family oriented which can also be a bad thing, because having someone that you love so much can be used against you.

With every past there is a future

History: Hayato Kenako was born three years after his older sister Kiyoko, to Aimi ans Isamu Kenako. They were of average wealth, and never seemed to want for much. Hayato had a pretty good childhood too. Although his parents had to work a lot, his sister practically raised him even though she was a mere three years older. She was kind and just and a perfect role model for the young boy. She would drop him off at the kindergarten each morning on her way to school, and then walk him home as well. When they got home, their mother would be waiting with a snack to hear about their day.

They led a happy life. Their father would arrive home from the office at around five, in time for dinner, and then the family would go for a walk if it was summer weather, or they would play a game at home if it wasn't. they couldn't complain much about their life even when the two were left alone to fend for themselves. They both loved eachother very much, and his sister was Hayato's idol, as well as his cherished big sister. They lived this happy, applepie life right up until Hayato was six, and Kiyoko nine.

Their parents decided to take them for a long walk one summer evening as a treat after being away from home fore a while wiith work. They could either go to the bridge, or to the forest, and it was Hayato's choice. Hayato chose the bridge because he especially enjoyed the view that he could see from it, and with a big, cherubic smile, they were on their way. The trip there was relatively normal, Hayato holding tight to his big sister's hand, or running ahead with his arms out like he was an airplane. His sweet sister walked between their mother and father, holding onto their hands.

At the bridge, they sat together on a bench and watched the sun set, just happy to be together as a family. these were the moments Hayato cherished most, because his mother and father weren't rushing around with work, and his sister didn't have to take care of him. They were just being a family, and enjoying eachother. After the sun set, they turned to leave, and found their path blocked by a group of men. They were smirking at the family, guns pointed with one hand held out for his father's wallet, and his mother's family ring. Hayato's father pushed his son behind him, just as his mother pushed Kiyoko behind her.

Hayato stayed behind his father, his eyes wide with fear as his chubby little hands shook, and his sister stared at him with wide eyes. Theyheard their father and mother pleading with the men, saying how they were on the rocks with the bank as it was. Hayato didn't know what that meant, heck at that time he didn't even know what the bank was. Only afterwards when he had time to think back did he get angry at how stupid his father had been. Because it was not poverty that had killed him. AS he stood there, he heard a sloud bang and then another. The sound of the men running away mad ehayato happy, because the bullies were gone.

His father knelt on the ground, and Hayato came back around. He didn't realize that his father had gone pale with pain, or that his mother was leaning against his sister. Instead he just hugged his father as he sank lower and lower to the ground, and as his sister began to sob. He didn't know why. But his father was now lying down on the pavement. Hayato pulled away, and discovered that some of the substance that usually came out of his knees when he was hurt was staining all over his father's shirt. Giving his father a questioning look, he only watched as his father shakily took off his onyx ring, the one with the eagle on it and his family crest.

"T-take care of...your...sister...hayato..." and he pushed the ring into his small hand. It was too big for even his thumb at that point, but he squeezed it in his little fist. "But where are you going daddy?" He began to cry with fear as his father only pulled him close and Kiyoko wept over their mother's unmoving body laying broken on the pavement. But he got no answer because his father was gone to wherever he was going in the next instant, from one breaht to the next and he would not be coming back. Sirens wailed in the distance and Hayato felt a rage to big to exist inside his body filling him from head to toe.

Even though his father had told him to take care of his sister, Kiyoko was still the one who cared for him. They had no relatives to go. Their grandparents were passe don, and both their parents had no siblings. They were orpahns. but they did not want to end up on different sides of the univers, away from eachother, so they stayed on the streets instead of separated in an orphanage. These years of growing up without their parents passed as a blur to Hayato. By the time he turned ten, all their memory was to him was the smell of grapefruit, and a summer afternoon. Except for how they died of course and why.

He blamed himself for their deaths, even though he couldn't have known when he chose to go to the bridge what would happen. But he had a horrible need to blame someoen, so it fell on himself. Meanwhile his sister raised him. She taught him how to tie his shoes, and even maths and English. She was always smart, and kind, so she taught him everything he would need to know about anything. When he turned twelve, six years after the death of their parents, they were discovered and put in a school by a stupid program that wanted children on the streets to have better care. His sister was happy about it because it meant that they could actually learn something, but Hayato was indifferent.

He was surprisingly good at school work, and he learned quickly. He caught up fast with the other students in his grade. but he didn't get along with anyone. He was already a good fighter from being on the streets, and he had the empty anger needed for it. He could fight over absolutely anything, ven if it really upset his sister. It wasn't that he wanted to worry her, he just couldn't help it. One day, after turning fourteen, he had a stupid idea that was only half-baked when he looked back on it. He still remembered what the gang looked like that had attacked them those eight years ago, and he had never quite had anywhere to place his rage.

Everyday after school, he began to train. Sure, he could fight but he wasn't the best. He needed to be the best, or somewhere close to it if he wished to kill the men who had irrevocably ruined his sister's and his life. So he would run and weight lift, and hopefully he could one day come across those men. Of course, that was not good enough for Hayato. Everyday he watched his own self hatred and rage grow deeper. To find these men, he fell in with all the wrong type of people. he began to drink, and smoke even though his sister hated it. He didn't care. He just wanted to find those men and kill them. He either did not notice, or did not care about the pain that it was causing her to see him leap happily into a downward spiral.

When Hayato was sixteen years old, he finally found the men he was looking for. He carefully planned out how he would trap them, and then kill them one by one. His sister knew of his plans, because she was not stupid, but she didn't know how to stop him. She knew her brother could not be a killer, and she did not want him to become one. Hayato went that night, into the city anyway, carrying around a gun and a lifetime's worth of hatred. He found the men just where a source had told him they would be. He was so angry, he felt that his skin was burning with the rage of everything that was his fault and theirs. He wanted to kill those men so badly. He wanted to taste revenge.

He confronted them, and they laughed at him, the leader even going so far as to sneer in his face, recalling that evening of what felt like a hundred years ago, but Hayato only felt angrier and angrier. With his rage he became reckless, and he attacked them head on and with stupidity racing by his side. The fight went alright for one guy against five for a few minutes, but in the end it was Hayato standing against a wall, and the leader pointing his gun at him, pulling the trigger. Hayato could not move. He was broken, and tired in more ways than one. he glared at the men that had ruined him, and then smiled triumphantly. Holding his arms out wide open, he said, "Fine then. Kill me." As the shot rang out, there was a blur and a note of impact, but it wasn't on him. Hayato opened the eyes he had closed in defeat, only to see the loving eyes of his sister staring back at him, a trickle of blood dripping down her chin. She was smiling softly, and she looked like an angel.

The gang members fled when they realized they had killed an innocent, and Hayato slid down the wall, holding his sister. For the first time in years, tears filled his eyes, and they fell fast on his older sister. The sister that had only wanted to protect him. The older sister that he had promised his father to protect and failed. "Why?" He choked the word out, holding her to him as he sat against the wall. Her maroon scarf had slid off her body, and was lying in her lap. Blinking slowly up at him, she lifted the scarf and wrapped it around his neck. "You're all flushed,"she said, and then she died in his arms.

Life after his sister's passing was even more difficult than after his parent's death. he found that all the mundane things that he had never noticed before had gotten even more difficult. Only then did he notice how much his sister had taken care of him before. How she had always carefully made his lunch, and tidied their government given living space. She had been his mother when she should have been his sister, and he had repayed her with getting her shot. He went on with normal life as he knew that she would want him to. He even graduated out of high school by some small miracle, and worked in an old bar until he could own it. He took piano lessons, and soon became quite good at it due to the piano in said old bar. He still searches for the men who did this, and he is unsure of whether it's to kill them or to get killed so he can rejoin his family in heaven.

Written sample:
Quote :
Heartbroken, he took to wandering the streets at night, with nothing left to make him smile again. Whores could not please him, or the view of the river spreading itself out into the ocean. He seemed to be only craving one thing, the return to what once was; the retrieval of his family. He would have liked to have joined them in death, but he was cursed with immunity to the horrid disease, and he was too proud to kill himself. Instead he seemed to go searching for death, cheating, stealing, and defiling virgins much like the devil himself. And how he would have loved to have joined him.

Nothing satisfied him. His heart sat inside his chest like a cold rock, and no laugh lines had ingrained themselves into his face. As the last remaining Kaneko, he gave a shoddy remembrance of what the family once was, but he did not care. He slipped into and out of personifications like no other man that people knew, and he might as well have been a travelling actor for all the characters he took upon himself. But still, he was forever unsatisfied, until one fateful night.

It had been a regular evening, one spent in a back alley of the city with a young group of boys, joking around, and his eyes as empty as his place in the family mausoleum. There had been drinking, of course. Nothing was without the liquid amber these days. He used it to stay upright, rather than most people, who used it to fall down deep. Being used to it, the boys around him stumbled as they slowly strolled down the ways, moonlight smiling at them every now and then, but otherwise they were in shadow. And that is how Hayato wanted it. He saw it as fitting for his last moments. He was nineteen now, and he wished to die before he turned twenty. Because Kiyoko would never reach that age either. He had an innate fear that if he reached that age, all would be lost, a barrier would be crossed, and he would never see him again. And he had to see him again, because Hayato did not know how much longer he could go on But of course it didn’t matter now. She was dead, and Hayato’s heart had never been fixed.

So that was what gave him the courage to lazily smash a bottle against a brick wall, and hold it up to the throat of a pretty blonde. Of course, in an instant, a punch landed on the side of his head, and he fell to the ground, as unresponsive as a dead bird, not a peep coming from him. He felt angry beatings from every direction, quietly falling away into blackness, pleased with the thought that he was going to die this time. He had been searching for it for so long, that he only realized now how he had been skirting it. It was easy to die in Japan, but he had been afraid. Not anymore, this time death was surely here for him. And he thought he felt him, circling him, patiently waiting for him to finish getting his punishment, and he was thankful to see him at last.

But in the next instant, he felt himself being hoisted up, and he wondered idly if he was to be deposited in the river. That would be fitting, he decided. To wash up on the shores of some place that was not his home, as he had stopped belonging there long ago. But the hoist wasn’t cruel, in fact, it was rather gentle. Hayato leaned against the boy beside him, and he knew the body to be male, by the broad shoulders supporting him. He let himself be dragged to the wall, and felt himself fall against it, sitting down, his body hunched over, tired and broken, and he was still not finished. Still undone, but still alive, and he felt tears come only then. Miserably, they fell from his eyes, as he yearned for a death that would not come for him.
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Hayato Kaneko


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Complete :D
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Kiyoko Kaneko

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Hayato Kaneko
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