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 Udiya Shirahama

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PostSubject: Udiya Shirahama   Fri May 20, 2011 2:04 pm

Spiritually aware
How will people know you in this world?

Name:Udiya Shirahama
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Image is everything...Isn't it?

Height and weight: 153Cm, 53Kg
Hair and eye color: Steel grey eyes and platinum hair that borders on being completely white, it is tied into a ponytail
Appearance: Considering that she is half Japanese and half Swedish her appearance seems to be a blend of both, her eye and hair colour comes from her Scandinavian ancestors while her general body physique seems to hail from the east.

Her general body physique is on the petite side with her short stature and angelic features, people would often describe her as a 'beauty' although everything the Japanese see is the Scandinavian features and vice versa. She is completely void of scars, strangely she never seem to get any no matter how many times she injure herself.

The only thing lacking is a halo and wings, or so most say when they see her. She is often seen with a slight smile and a somewhat vacant look on her face as if she was lost in thoughts.

She usually dress in a simple school uniform or if that is not available a light dress during summer or thick pants and a warm jacket during wintertime

A picture for your viewing pleasure, not an exact copy but you get the idea:

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: While some would call her perfect she is far from in reality. Being on the path of intelligence she often spends her time lost in thought or with her nose in a book. Preferring to be alone she goes to great lengths to keep things that way, often seeking out secluded places such as libraries when other people aren't around.

When forced to deal with others she prefer to try and keep a low profile although much to her own dismay that is often mistaken for something completely different, it tends to vary from time to time but without exception it will always make her think that more dealings with others will only bring trouble.

She often curses her own good looks, she would much prefer to be a bit more on the ugly side, mostly so that others would leave her alone.

Despite her personality she still tries to think well of others for the most part, even if a measure of disgust, loathing or just plain contempt creeps in her conciousness from time to time when things get rough.

Making friends was never her thing but the few she makes she values highly, she takes a betrayal of her trust very seriously and always remember any such incidents, once her anger is roused she can either lash out right there and then or carry it around and eventually get revenge in some form or other.

All in all she is a loner by nature and prefer to keep things that way. After noticing that she might have a power of some sort she haven't changed an awful lot, she still keep to herself for as much as is humanly possible


  • Composed: She is next to always calm and will not rush into things without thinking
  • Librarian: she knows her way around books and has a vast store of knowledge due to it
  • Beauty: blessing or curse? in any case her looks is something many would kill to get
  • Sneaky: Due to years of avoiding others she has become something of an expert on the subject, avoiding others is child play for her
  • perfect skin: no one seems to know the reason but she will never get a physical scar no matter how serious the injury
  • Trusting: if you gain her trust it is there to stay
  • Attention Magnet: Somehow she keeps being the centre of attention. No matter what happen she keeps being thrust right back into the spotlight


  • Loner: she will keep to herself even if doing so require her to adopt some strange habits or crawl through some places best left unexplored
  • People: Being around others just isn't her cup of tea, they tend to make her nervous
  • Volcano: Slow to anger but once angered you better keep out of her way if you value your health
  • Vengeful: revenge is never a nice thing and she will not rest until she has gotten her fill of it
  • Common sense: Keeping away from others has left her with a rather narrow view on how to behave socially.
  • Dense: she just will not pick up those small signals that tell her things about others, she is also very bad at being subtle or telling when others employ it
  • Bookworm: if she picks up a book she will not rest until she has read the entire thing, no matter how long it takes
  • Disillusioned: having lost faith in most of the human race her views on life are rather...depressing

With every past there is a future

History: Born a halfbreed Udiyas early childhood was far from happy, every time she went out on her own she was bullied by the other children. to her other children were something that brought pain and misery. However not everything was bad, at home she was showered with love and she was on friendly terms with one of the neighbouring girls, hide and seek was one of their favourite pastimes.

Books caught her interest early on as they were a way of escaping reality and be someone else for a few brief hours. her parents never understood why she never wanted to go out and she never told them the reason. Spending most of her early years reading or playing with her only friend.

As time passed her habits didn't change in any major way until her early teens when puberty arrived. A lot of changes entered her life then, the first sign was that the boys began to cease with the bullying, the girls still continued for a bit but that dropped off as well after a while.

At first she was perplexed at the sudden change for the better, thinking that maybe, just maybe things would be better from that point onward. She couldn't have been more wrong, while she had the most pleasant year of her life soon after things began to turn ugly again. Albeit in a very different way compared to before.

She had soon gathered a small following of boy admirers and the other girls didn't look kindly on that, bullying soon resumed from the girl side in the form of torn notebooks, sharp things in her shoes and other generally nasty things that couldn't be traced to just a single source. She also started to realize that the boys only followed her due to her looks and nothing else. Luckily her only friend was the one person who didn't turn against her leaving Udiya with a feeling that maybe, just maybe there were a light at the end of the tunnel afterall.

She soon resumed her old habit of avoiding others as much as possible, however this time it didn't work nearly as well as before. the bullying continued and the boys became even more attached now that she rarely showed her face.

Eventually she got enough and decided to transfer to a different school, Karakura seemed like a remote enough location to escape her old reputation and fade into the background.

Alas things wouldn't go her way and she was once again put in the centre of attention, this time however she co-operated with a fellow classmate to change things. As it turned out her position wasn't much changed but she still thought she came out on top of things, getting her free time.

It was shortly after that she awakened fully to the spiritual world, seeing clearly what before had only been shadows and whispers, finding it slightly fascinating she set out to explore this new phenomenon

Written sample:
Quote :
It was a sunny day, the birds were chirping and only the occasional cloud could be seen. If you asked Udiya every day should be like that, no people to avoid and nothing that had to be done. Just her and a good book under the shade of a tree with the breeze causing her hair to slowly wave back and forth like a sleep inducing pendulum.

Snapping out of her dream Udiya tried to get the umbrella to cover more than it could, it was positively pouring down and she was trying to move as quickly as possible without getting her books wet, she had already given up on arriving at school dry. Why was it that she had to come early today of all days? she knew the answer was that it was her turn to prepare the classroom but that didn't make anything better.

With rainwater making her feel cold and the occasional car to splash mud on her clothes to start the day she had little hope of things getting better, the forecast had said that the rain would continue for the entire day. With a sigh she huddled over the books to protect them and continued on her way.

Once she finally arrived at school she felt like no part of her had escaped the water, at least the books were more or less dry. As she put her eyes on the classroom something inside of her almost died, it was a mess, a real mess. She wondered what idiot had thought it a good idea to hold their birthday party in the classroom. Not that it mattered, she still had to clean up the mess.

Setting to work she cleaned away paper plates and half empty cups of soda and put all of it in a large black plastic bag, she then set to work cleaning the tables and removing any stray rubbish she might find. It took her longer than she had expected but eventually the classroom was finally presentable enough. She ignored the desks of some of the more obnoxious of her classmates, they could well sit at stained desks for all she cared.

After pulling the bag out to the waste area she returned to the classroom just as the first students began to trickle in. Taking her seat she patiently waited for the lesson to start, she didn't have time to visit the library sadly.

Just as the lesson was about to start a message rang through the school speaker system 'Udiya Shirahama, please report to the reception office' Pondering what it could bea about she got up and made her way there. Upon arrival she received a letter, reading it she suddenly gave a big smile, her transfer request had been accepted.

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PostSubject: Re: Udiya Shirahama   Fri May 20, 2011 2:11 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Udiya Shirahama   Sat May 28, 2011 3:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Udiya Shirahama   

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Udiya Shirahama
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