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 Sovay Takenawa

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PostSubject: Sovay Takenawa   Fri May 20, 2011 3:20 am

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Sovay Eona Takenawa
Age: 289, appears to be 18
Gender: female

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: 5'2''\117 lbs.
Hair and eye color: Her hair is a long, startling shade of white. It's quite thick, and a bit wavy. She has large, amber, catlike eyes.
Appearance: Sovay is quite short, and in all aspects the perfect little lady. Her fingers are small and delicate, perfect for womanly tasks, and her entire frame almost looks frail. She does however, spend at least more than half of her time in the family training rooms, strength being important to the Takanawa family. Her skin is a lovely tone of olive, usually related to an Arabic background if one were to look at the human world. Her eyes are a startling shade of liquid amber, with golden flecks. They are rather angular, and have often been referred to as catlike. She is just beginning to come into her own as a woman, and as such, she is still a b-cup. Her long white hair, when it is not styled up, falls to just below her thighs. It is thick, and slightly wavy when it has not been straightened out perfectly by hot stones. It perfectly frames her heart-shaped face.

Sovay is normally dressed in the attire of a lady as well, ceremonial robes being worn all the time, unless she is in training. Her hair is always done up in an intricate style, and her face always painted accordingly. Her training outfit includes stretched leggings, and a black tank top that is open at the back. Her other outfit is boy's trousers with a cotton shirt and a cap. On her fingers she wears five rings, each holding some significance to her. On her left pinky is the curve of a moon with a bird in flight, the left ring finger holds a simple band with three connected hearts, the middle finger holds the family crest set in moonstone in a ring made of pure silver. On the right hand, a silver ring on the ring finger of Mexican opal, and on the pointer finger a small ring with a hidden compartment.

She does of course, own a lot of jewelery and trinkets being in the house of Takenawa. She prefers to not wear a lot of jewelery at any given time except for her rings however. She does have a ragged hair ribbon, in a deep shade of red that she keeps twisted around and through her hand. The ribbon is a bit ragged, and dirty, and in some places, warped and stretched.

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: Sovay is dignified to her family and to her peers, the portrait of a perfect Takenawa noble. She is always quiet, and never speaks unless spoken to. She appears to hate conflict, quieting at rebuttals from her mother and father, and docile as a lady should be. At functions she is serene and graceful, moving with grace and perfect politeness. She would never do anything to displease or shame her family. in fact, Sovay appears to be shy, and when she was younger she used to hide behind her mother's skirts in fear of the other houses and their many people. Sovay also does not speak to anyone unless she knows them very well and likes them. This can come across of snobby, but in all truth, she is just very shy.Although she has to be a proud lady, she is also very conscious of her appearance and her stature. Her strange skin tone, and odd looking eyes set her apart from the rest. Her stature does not do wonders for her either.

When growing up, Sovay was taught to treat the souls in the Rukongai of lesser value than she with disdain, but every time she tries to sneer at them or copy her sister's acts, she fails rather miserably. Sovay likes people far too much, and she loves to listen to all the strange souls that came from another world talk about their past lives. She loves to learn about this 'human' world that she will someday see, and in truth, she is rather adventurous. The other set of clothes she keeps, the trousers, shirt, and hat, are used to travel in the Rukongai without getting stares or punishments. She has one or two friends that she frequently visits, but otherwise she is rather shy of all the hustle and bustle, and not a very out-going person. She's far too used to courtly acting, and polite 'remarks' to even understand when someoen is being sincere.

Just like the rest of her family, Sovay's sense of justice is very high, being taught that it was the most important thing since her birth. her sense of justice tells her that man should treat man the same. Each soul must respect another, and if one soul steals from another, they must be dealt with. But not in a very harsh manner. No, Sovay is rather soft-hearted for a Takenawa, and would rather see everyone come out on top. because of this, she is rather optimistic, and is usually smiling. She also has many habits. She plays with her rings when thinking, turning them over and over on her finger. She also has a red ribbon that she twines through her hands when nervous or scared. Which happens to be pretty often. Sovay is a bit of a nervous person, not having the highest self-esteem.


  • She is empathetic, making her different from most nobles. Usually when she visits the slums of the Rukongai she will bring a loaf of bread or something of the like, along with her for those that need to eat. She hates to see anyone get really hurt, and she will always do her best to help without making mommy and daddy mad of course.
  • She is fast, as in fast in speed, and fast in the brains department. She works efficiently, and can move pretty quickly.
  • She holds trust mostly because she doesn't really look like she could tell a lie. And also because she is very honorable.
  • She has a quiet courageousness that helps her complete any task that is set before her.
  • She's [b]quiet as a mouse when she doesn't want to be seen, and because she is so small she is rather good at remaining unnoticed. Which has made her able to find out many things when her parents thought she had already left the room.


  • She has a loud fear that unfortunately, can make her freeze with her fear, her father and mother being a catalyst as well as social functions.
  • She is far too trusting. She has never been attacked before, so she has never thought that someone would. She'll trust anyone, and can have the wool pulled over her eyes faster than you can say gullible. She hasn't been hurt yet, but it's going to happen soon if she doesn't straiten out.
  • Shyer than a mouse. She didn't even talk in public until the day she turned 25, and her parents finally made her speak at her birthday dinner. But when she does talk, her voice is soft and measured, the voice of one who takes a lot of time to think about what they will say.
  • She's not very noble for a noble. She doesn't really fit in with her family, or any other house really. So she's often seen as the odd one out, which suits her fine.

With every past there is a future

History: Sovay was born to the head of the Takenawa house exactly 300 years after the birth of her older sister. Of course her father was disappointed that she had not been born as a boy, and the heir that he had expected. Her mother loved her just the same however, and her father came to love her just as much after some years of letting his disappointment pass. As such, Sovay grew into a tomboyish young women, hating the ceremonial robes that she often had to wear, preferring the boy's trousers that she was allowed to wear when playing, and hidden safely from site behind the Takenawa walls.

Her playing consisted of hide and go seek, at which she became very adept at. Of course, this was not surprising, as her family was the noble house that had run the Onmitsukido since it's beginnings, which was why their sense of justice was so great. She played with the other noble children often, and they became her close friends, but not her closest confidants. Living in the Seritei, Sovay had never really known much about where all the souls came from, or what their purpose was. To her, the Soul Society was the Earth. She had never seen these places that her father and the other nobles sometimes spoke of. But she knew that she wanted to see them someday.

Sovay's idol was always her sister. She was beautiful, and kind, and Sovay loved her more than anything. She was the woman who trained Sovay, although she had been taught by her mother in turn. By the age of fifty, Sovay was adept at stealth, and hand to hand combat. She was also excellent at knife throwing. So she could defend herself, and the one place little Sovay was not timid was in the heat of battle. Her eyes gave off a malicious glint, and she wanted to win. Even the fact that she still looked like an eight year old did not betray her. The only problem was, after the mock fights were over, Sovay would hurry over to opponent to ask if they were all right.

This greatly displeased her family, as they wanted to make an assassin out of Sovay, not a nurse. So, one day, Sovay's sister took her to the forest for training. The little girl did not ask any questions of course, although it was an entirely new experience. The two walked in silence until they seemed to reach the thick of the forest, and then her sister stopped there. She dropped a dagger, and a katana on the ground, and then with eyes that refused to look at Sovay, she fled. Sovay felt panic suddenly grip her heart, but she knew she could not follow her sister, because her family meant her to be here, waiting in the woods. Her mother had told her not to follow her sister out, or she would be punished.

Quietly, she bent and picked up the dagger, nothing but foreboding filling every thought in her mind. Why in the forest? What could this be? Before she could voice these questions to no one, a man dropped out of the trees a few feet above her, and sung a sword at her body. With a quick reaction time that she knew would have impressed her sister, Sovay jumped back in a flip and held out her dagger. She went into battle mode, her thoughts only about the defeat of her opponent, and no longer about why they fought in here. She dashed forwards, slipping the dagger towards him, just as she brought the sword sideways towards him. But something was wrong, because the man was no longer fighting back.

The momentum of her sword was too much for her young arms to stop, and she screamed at the man, begging him to dodge or move, all the excitement from battle gone. But he didn't move, even as her dagger embedded itself into his chest, and her sword sliced into his skin. For a moment, they stood look that, him standing only because her swords held him there, and her staring wide eyed in horror at this man that stood only as a puppet at the end of her sword. Why hadn't he moved? Why hadn't he dodged. She wanted to scream at him, why? And only realized she actually had when her sister crawled out of the shadows like the beast she was.

She dropped the man then, along with her weapons and he fell with a sickening thump. No reflexes to catch himself with, just a sack of meat falling to the ground. Sovay stared at him, feeling rather numb, as if someone had covered her all over with ice. This time, she voiced the question at her sister. "Why did you do this?"And she was loath to find the pleading note in there. She fell to her knees in front of the immobile body. She wanted to reach out and pull the mask away from his face, but found that she couldn't. She was too afraid. Her sister never replied, just picked Sovay up, and carried her slowly to the house as she remained limp in her arms, staring back at the body she had made dead.

After that, Sovay's smile never quite reached across her face, but it was smaller and tighter. She was a bit more confident in herself however, able to talk to more people. But Death had tapped her on the shoulder, and it had left it's mark. She no longer felt inclined to play with the younger kids from the other houses, but she was more inclined to escape. When she could, she pulled on her boys clothes, and left their house to escape into the Rukongai. A whole new world was opened up to her there. She finally learned about the place where all these people came from. That this was their heaven, that they used to be different, that they had technology.

Sovay found the idea of technology hard to believe, she knew that the Court Guard used these technologies, but she had yet to see them, so she was a bit dubious. She heard about many other things, such as the mysterious terror of the Rukongai, The Demon King. Apparently he could take on a thousand men at once and then still come out on top. Then there were the street rats, who knew what it was like to be forced or desperate. So Sovay fit in with them just fine. They taught Sovay new ways to fight, showing her dirty moves that only a street rat would use. Slowly, she grew that happiness back, managing to forget about what her family had made who do. Many would think that she would hate them for it, but it wasn't in her nature to hate.

One day, when she entered a part of the Rukongai, she couldn't understand it but it was as if it had been emptied. She went to her friend's house to see what was going on. When she knocked on the door however, all she heard was a frightened, "Who is it?!" When Sovay called out, "Sovay!"in her usually happy manner, she was surprised to be yanked in rather cruelly, and she was rubbing her arm unhappily, trying to say something, but she was instantly shushed her, and unused to being shushed, she stopped talking in surprise. Her friend, her hardened Rukongai friend was looking out the window in fear. So Sovay went over to see what it was.

At first, she saw nothing, and she was getting pretty bored of waiting for whatever it was to show up. And then she saw a giant stroll by, spiritual energy surrounding him and reaching out to grasp at things. She drew away from the window as he went past, shrinking back in fear at the giant outside. She didn't know why, but right away she knew that he was the King. He was the one everybody feared. She ran out onto the street after his passing, and was just able to catch a glimpse of his leg as he turned the corner. She went home that night and lay awake in her bed. She was one hundred and twelve at that point, and her tally of men killed was in the hundreds, but she could tell it was no where near to this man's count, and she prayed she would never meet him.

* * *

She reached over to the teapot, her body stiff with formality as she performed the Japanese tea ceremony. It was her first time performing it for an audience, and she was nervous. She did it with precision, as if she were slicing a knife through flesh. Her hand was steady. She was two hundred and twelve years old now, no longer a child, but not an adult yet either. Her sister was a seated officer now, and she never saw her. She didn't mind that however, as she had never quite forgiven her for what her sister had made her do. Now she saw that it had been necessary, but she just couldn't bring herself to accept it.

Captain Nakiata was there, she was an old family friend. But Sovay couldn't help feel that she was also here to judge her. She blinked her painted eyes slowly, and performed the next step. She heard a whistling behind her, and without even thinking about it, she turned and caught the knife that had been meant for her skull. She went back to pouring the tea, placing the knife beside her as she did so. That was five of them now, and she could expect two more. Apparently tea ceremonies on Earth were different. But she couldn't see how they could change it. Everything was so ordinary for theirs.

Quickly, she threw the teapot up above her, and reached out both arms to grab flying knives, setting them down, she grabbed the teapot before it fell. She was pleased with that, because it had been the first time she was able to. Quickly, she poured the tea into the cups of the audience and then sat down across from them, waiting for their verdict. Her father was staring at her, rather hard as if she held the secrets of the family within her gaze.
Demurely, she looked down like she was supposed to, and was rewarded with her father's voice. "I think you are ready to enter the academy Daughter."

She looked up in unladylike surprise. She had been told that she was meant to become the next head of the Onmitsukido, and her sister would be a Captain of the Gotei thirteen. "In a few years time Daughter, ready yourself."

Written sample:
Quote :
Finally Artix was silent, ad Satine was relieved. She didn't know what the opening of the locket had done to him, but whatever it was, it could be over now. Satine hoped that her efforts at comforting the large man had helped at all, but she couldn't be certain. She didn't know what she should do now. How she should act. Their first kiss had been so passionate, so full of love, and then this happened. She didn't know what to say now. How much more awkward could you get?

For a while, they just stayed together like that, Satine quietly rubbing Artix's back, her tears dwindling away now that she was calm. She sniffed every now and again, and sneezed once. Her sneezes were often compared to that of a kitten, they were small and cute. her arms were getting cold, and she wanted to rub them, but she didn't want to let go of Artix. She was afraid that he would start freaking out again, and she didn't want that. now that she thought of it, she had never seen the captain of the fifth division like that. Instead of losing respect however, she gained more for him. It took real power to go through so much pain.

her thoughts were beginning to drift away again, when suddenly Artix moved, standing up, so that he towered over her. She was about to smile, and ask what had happened in concern, but before she spoke, she noticed something off. Staring at Artix, her eyes wide, icy fear clenched her heart in a tight embrace, and her heart began to beat at a faster rate. The point of her concern would have seemed minor to most, but to Satine it was huge. Artix wasn't looking at her. He had always made a point to make eye contact with her, but he wasn't looking at her.

look at me

"I'm sorry Satine." 

She looked up at Artix with wild, hurt eyes. She knew what was coming, but she didn't know why, and she didn't know how to stop it. It was like a freight train hurtling towards her at full speed, and she was glued to the tracks. She wrapped her arms around herself, protecting herself, shielding herself from harm. Her breathing came faster, and her legs grew weak, and felt empty, as if they were hollow compartments. She couldn't stand even if she tried. in all her training, she had been prepared for attack on the mind, and body, but never had she been attacked so brutally before.

look at me

Satine kept staring at Artix, willing him to look at her, her aqua eyes clear from tears. if he just looked at her, it would be okay. She faltered, her voice weak, and dying off. "W-what are you apologizing for, ar...." Her mind had been prepared for it, even if her heart wasn't. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that it would not end well, and nothing good would come out of kissing Artix. She had been too early. Too fast for a first kiss between two souls who had been through so much in their lives. To people that were almost five hundred years old, what was the trouble in waiting for a few months longer? "Artix...look at me"

look at me

"I'm sorry Satine." 

And then he was gone, and she was left topless, and sitting on a pile of dirt. breathing was proving to be difficult, as for some reason, her chest was hurting, as if she had heartburn. she hadn't eaten since breakfast though, so that made little sense. She wasn't exactly certain about what to do now. the words he said before going could mean anything. But the finality in his voice could only mean one thing. Satine wasn't sure whether to feel angry, weariness, or just to screw the emotion factor and feel nothing at all. So she did a little bit of each. 

First, was the anger. Frowning lightly, she felt detached but angry. Once again, she had been used by a male. he had hurt her she realized. He had made her chest ache. Suddenly, it was as if fire was suddenly poured through her soul. She wrapped her hands into fists, and punched the ground, leaving a small crater in the dirt. Then, as if it wasn't enough, she began punching the crater over and over, slowly making it bigger and bigger. She didn't make a sound outwardly as she did so, but inside, a scream replied over and over inside her head, a droplet of moisture fell from her fore head.

The second stage was weariness, and after a few moments of punching, Satine stopped and sat back, studying her work. A small, diluted note of satisfaction brought a pang inside her, but then suddenly she started to fear. Her scar. What should she do with it now? Cover it up. She picked up her shirt, folding it in her arms, and then buried her face in it, too weary to go on. Suddenly the day caught up on her, and she didn't feel like moving. So she sat there with her head buried in the shirt. Tears slowly leaked out again, soaking her shirt. She almost wanted to laugh. It was the most she had cried in one day for a long time.

look at me

Drowsiness filled up her head after a while, and she finally thought to wonder about how long she had been sitting there, her head buried in her shirt. Slowly, she looked up. The moon was much higher now. But Satine found herself not caring. She had a mission tomorrow, and was supposed to go in front of the council to talk about her work, and how she was doing. She had to feed kya...kya....was gone home by now most likely. She stared listlessly down at her shirt. Did she have to wear it? Yes. Why? Because no one was allowed to see her scar. It hurt for them to see it. It hurt for them to see the ugly futility. She pulled on the shirt halfway, her arms hanging through, and her back bowed over, but then she felt too tired to do the rest.

Intense sadness washed through her. She had known that something like this was going to happen. Nothing except for her job ever seemed to go well for her. She was always left sitting in a pile of dirt. It was as if she were something to be used and thrown away. She thought back, had Artix used her? Thinking for a moment, she realized that she couldn't even tell anymore if she couldn't tell with Artix, and therefore, she should trust no one. No one but her superiors. That's right, her job was most important to her. Her eyes narrowed, and firmly, she pulled her shirt back on. No one would ever lay their eyes on her scar again. 

She could never forgive Artix for using her if he had. And therefore, her thoughts began to harden like they used to, to create a defensive wall against the memory. The wall that one Artix von. creg. had torn down when he asked her about her past. What an idiot. She would make sure to never do that again. Silently, she stood, and began to flash step towards the second division, and her bed. She had to make sure she was well rested for tomorrow.
"Sometimes a soul is not meant for love, and there isn't much you can do but continue surviving"

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Complete :D
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Sovay Takenawa
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