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 Kaigo Daiki

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PostSubject: Kaigo Daiki   Thu May 19, 2011 5:24 pm

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Kaigo Daiki (AKA Acid Tech)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: He is 6’3” and weighs 140 lbs.

Hair and eye color:
Kaigo’s hair is a dark matte grey, all except for some dark blue highlights at the front left of his hair. It is about 7 inches long and straight, naturally of course, it always seems to sit perfectly on his head, never a strand out of place or a cowlick trying to desperately ruin his look. And if he is ever asked how he makes it look so good, he says that he doesn’t even take care of it. Whether he does or not is a mystery.
His eyes are a deep blue, mixed with a dark grey that together looks like something out of a science fiction movie. The grey bands of muscles in his eyes actually contract and stretch when his pupils change size, and one could look at them for days and still not fully understand the depth of his eyes.

Appearance: Kaigo is one of the best physical specimens in all of Japan. It is basically a requirement to be a famous pop star, and as such he works out at least 6 times a week, following strict regimens that keep his body shape at the epitome of male sexiness. That being said, he is not over muscular. He keeps his body well toned at a rather medium size. His muscles are still prominent on his chest and arms, but they are not as large as most who work out as much as him. He mainly attributes this to his ancestry, which were all rather small men. In fact, he is the tallest and biggest in his family, as most of the males are only about 5’6” and had extreme trouble building muscle.

He does not only work out, but he trains in martial arts as well, if only to keep his body limber and make him graceful enough to dance for his concerts. It has also helped him to escape from crazed fans on the odd occasion, although as he has been keeping a low profile lately these occurrences have been few and far between. So not only are his muscles well toned, but they are also battle trained and thus his motions are very fluid and seem easy, even if they are very challenging steps.

When you move above his well tones chest muscles, you will rest your eyes upon a face that is seemingly perfect in both structure and complexion. His cheekbones are the perfect size and height, his nose shaped by an artisan and placed directly center on his face, his mouth the perfect size with lips not to large and not too small. His eyes, as previously stated, should be made on of the natural wonders of the world. And all this is perfectly framed by a head of hair that any woman or man could be jealous of. All in all, such a man could probably rule the world on just his looks.

How strong is your resolve?

Personality: Kaigo is, if you have not yet realized from the below points, a rather irritating person. Unfortunately for everyone around him, he does not realize this or even think it a possibility. How could anyone be annoyed by someone who is so much greater at everything than they are? This ‘mightier-than-thou’ attitude has never really cause him a problem in regular human life, however, as he is generally better at everything than anyone else is. Of course, once he begins to venture into the spiritual realm, he will find himself met with foes much stronger than he is, which will of course annoy him to no end.

One thing that no one can say about Kaigo is that he is not courteous. No, he is very courteous when he insults you, always making them very blunt and to the point, not insulting your intelligence by trying to hid the insult under a compliment. He wants people to know what he thinks, and has no qualms about offending anyone. He also is extremely courteous when a person has something he wants, right until they give it to him. Then they become worthless, and he moves on with his life.


  • VIDEO GAMES § He plays them. Always. Forever. The only time he really stops is for mandatory social occasions and concerts. Generally he always has a gameboy or PSP on him during these excursions though.
  • Computers § This goes hand in hand with number 1 in many ways. He is also very adept with music software and creating techno rhythms on the computer, and on the synthesiser. He is very tech savvy, and knows how to pull apart and put together a computer, and do much more than that.
  • Women § Fairly self explanatory. Obviously, it is much easier for him to get women than most, thanks to his dashing good looks and the fact that he makes more money in one tour than most do in their entire lives.
  • Energy Drinks § ‘Addiction’ is a strong word. Not strong enough in this case however. Kaigo decided to forgo water as a means of hydration and instead has been drinking energy drinks. He drinks about 18 cans a day and yet they seem to have no negative effects on him .


  • Vanity § Kaigo thinks of himself on a completely different level than anyone else, and thus most people fall into one of two categories; people that are useful, and those who aren’t. For the people who are useful, Kaigo tolerates their company. He treats everyone else like maggots.
  • Challenge seeking § An avid gamer loves a challenge. And they hate things that you can beat in less than 5 hours. Any problem placed before Kaigo must be a challenge, or he will not even give it attention.
  • Money § He likes money. Lots. Thus, not having it is not something he enjoys.
  • Not having energy drinks § He is an addict, and can go into a harsh withdrawal if he does not have his fix. (Note: You DO NOT want to see him in withdrawal .)

With every past there is a future

History: Crying, endless crying. Screeches flew from the small child’s mouth as he erupted from his mother’s womb, covered in the blood of his mother. She and her husband cried as they watched their son be born, his bright blue eyes striking even to the nurses, who had birthed hundreds of babies. After a moment of crying he smiled and relaxed, letting the doctor quickly sever the connection from his mother.

3 years later, we come onto a small boy, just old enough for early education. He is a beautiful child, all of his mother’s friends are jealous of his soft black hair and amazing blue eyes. His cheeks are small and rounded and when he smiles you cannot help but feel happiness in your heart. The mother and father are so proud, and use their small amount of money to put the boy into a special early ed class for gifted children, expecting great things from the boy.

4 more years pass. The boy is not a child, old enough to think for himself but too young to do it properly. He is excelling at school, always one of the hardest workers in his class. The teachers adore him, the other students want to be like him, and all the girls in his class have crushes on him, which their mother’s find very cute. His parents are working overtime to put him into the best school money can buy, to provide him the best future possible.

6 years now, the boy is a teenager. His marks are starting to decline, and the teachers still love him. They see all his potential and try to urge him forward, but to no avail. One of the many girls in his class brings up the nerve to ask him out, and her parents approve of him wholeheartedly. His parents still are working had to afford the school, and the reports of his marks are worrying them, but he is a good boy so they continue to work.

Another 3 years go by, and the boy has switched completely. He is never in classes, although when he does show up the teachers say he is a genius. He long ago broke up with the nice girl from before and has since been going from girlfriend to girlfriend, the last few actually going as far as to have sex with them. His current girl is growing old and he will probably move on soon. His parents are now thinking of taking him out of the special school and moving him to a public one instead.

The boy has been troubled of late by strange dreams and weird visions, ghosts appearing seemingly out of nowhere and strange sounds in the city right before a freak gas explosion. The gas explosion left what looked like giant claw marks in a building, but no one commented. He has also taken a liking to music in school, often skipping his classes to tinker with a sound editing program on one of the school computers. Or to play his PSP which he keeps with him at all times.

Written sample:

Quote :
Arekussu knew there was a meeting today. He knew he should probably go too, or face the wrath of the violent shinigami that ruled over him. The man that had showed up out of nowhere and claimed dominance all those years ago, the one that was so powerful that he killed thousands of hollows before the Espada had finally conceded defeat. Any intelligent man would be frightened of one so powerful, would head to his beckons and answer all questions, and yet Arekussu really didn’t care. The only reason he had ever shown Sougetsu the slightest hint of respect is that it was easier just to do what he said than to go against him.

So, this was a rare occurrence, him going against Sougetsu’s wishes. He had thought about it long and hard, but had realized that he did not give a rat’s ass what Sougetsu did to him. Today was an important day, one to be remembered, one that Arekussu could not pass up on the whims of a shinigami, albeit a powerful one. The fact that Sougetsu must know that today was such an important day to Arekussu just made Arekussu even angrier at the stupid man.

Arekussu sighed as he sat back in the sand, admiring his finished work. Before him stood a tall pillar of glass, about 5 feet high. It was perfectly constructed and reflected the moon’s gaze perfectly so that Arekussu saw three moons rather than one from his vantage point. It was slightly tapered, and quickly sharpened to a point at the top. A few hours ago, it had been worn away, made much shorter by the constant abrasion of the sands and turned into a small stub of glass, but Arekussu had reformed it back to its glory, just as he did every year.

Now he was done. Almost. Arekussu created a small blazing tack of reitsu on his finger and began to retrace the inscription. The letters were in a long, neat handwriting, with excessive curls and flowing arches. He beveled and finished each letter with care, even though he knew that after a few days his work would be worn down to almost unreadable.

Hollow, Friend, My Love.

With a sigh, Arekussu stood. He knew that he should probably be getting back to Los Noches. After all, he would probably only be a few minutes late for the meeting if he hurried. He began to walk away, limbering up for the run home. His feet began to glow with dark flaming reitsu, and before he sonidoed off, he turned to look back at the small memorial and said, “Farewell Bestia.”

With a kick, he was off. His sonidos made small pops as he moved, each step taking him closer and closer to a place he hated, the home of the beasts. He had wished, on many occasions, that he could have found somewhere else to go. But really, where else was their for a being such as he? Anywhere in the human world he would be hunted down, and the Soul society was out of the question. He could have done what Bestia had done, built his own base of operations somewhere in the sands, but what kind of life would that have been? Arekussu was not a solitary creature, and even hollow contact was better than nothing.

Still, there had to be something more than this existence. He lived day by day, everything he did had lost meaning. He would go to the human world just to catch short glimpses of the girl he loved before she would try to kill him, play his music and read. Wake up the next day, do the same thing. Sometimes to change it up he would go kill some hollows, but somehow even that had lost its flavor. It was almost funny that a super powered spiritual being could even have a problem like this, but he was in a rut, and he was running out of options to get out of it.

After another couple of minutes, Arekussu arrived at Los Noches. He disregarded the gate guards as he flew past, they didn’t even notice the slight blur that past their sightline. With a few more quick Sonidos, Arekussu found himself in front of the command center of Los Noches. With a sigh, he opened the doors, stepping into the almost hospital like interior.

After walking for a few minutes, he found the doors to the meeting room. Taking a deep breath, he slipped into the room, not opening the door any wider than he had to to allow his slim frame past. He noticed the two other Espada that were already in the room and did not even acknowledge their presence. He already knew that he did not like Senshu, and as for the other, he had not had the pleasure. Or in this case, he had not gone through the process of determining whether he was worth having any sort of conversation with. And at the moment, he was not in the mood.

He sat in the chair farthest from the shinigami, and with an indignant movement, pushed himself away from the table and put his feet up. He crossed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, allowing the earphone farthest from the shinigami to fall miraculously onto his ear. Some Rush began to play, something from the Snakes and Arrows album, and Arekussu smiled a bit, hoping that this meeting would be over soon. Any time spent around the man just made Arekussu hate him even more, although he never outwardly showed it.

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PostSubject: Re: Kaigo Daiki   Thu May 19, 2011 6:07 pm

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Kaigo Daiki
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