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 Jin Von Creg [finished?]

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PostSubject: Jin Von Creg [finished?]   Thu May 19, 2011 1:50 am

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Jin Von Creg
Age: over 500 years old (Appears to be in his later twenties)
Gender: Male

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height and weight: Jin stands roughly at 5"11' and weighs around 200lbs.
Hair and eye color: His hair and eyes are contrast. His hair being a dark raven black which is kept untidy but straight. While his eyes are a icy blue.Appearance:
Short raven black hair sits upon his oval shape head like a crown. Icy blue eyes that show nothing but his life before hand. Some say his eyes are like mirrors and reflect the image of all those that look into them. His skin is pale with various scars from fights all over his toned body. Jin roughly stands around 511' and thus he is pretty average in terms of height. He weighs 200lbs however this is because of his perfectly toned and shaped body. (Remember muscle weighs more then fat).

Upon his face is the symbol that many can recognised him with. His respirator. The large black chunk of metal and plastic that covers pretty much the bottom half of his face. The respirator now only filters air Jin breaths and purify it taking out harmful toxins etc. Because of this his voice is slurred and rather demonic voice. Many see Jin as a monster or a freak because of this equipment but really Jin likes the idea of people being afraid of him and loves the idea of the mystery that shrouds around his face since no one has seen it before. Many stories are told of what his face looks like and the people who 'think' they have seen it say its beautiful.

How strong is your resolve?
Personality: Many describe Jin as the quiet and loner type. He generally only keeps to himself and those who he trusts. He tends to come off as a cold hatred asshole most of the time however truth be told is that Jin is in a lot of pain due to his past and illness. Because the majority of his life Jin has been sick he has turned into a spiteful and bitter person.

Jin has grown a large passion for fighting and violence which reflects in his fighting abilities. He is a very aggressive person to everyone including his own family however this is because showing 'tough' love is the only way Jin can show his affection. However this does not mean he is not a nice person, many say Jin has a split personality's disorder however he chooses who he acts big and tough too and who he chooses to act nice around. Being nicknamed the behemoth he is not someone you would like to get mad.

Jin also is very lonely, he feels as if his family was taken away from him and he still feels regrets about not helping his little brother Artix. However because of the illness he couldn't this is why Jin has become the spiteful and foul person he has come today.


  • Loyal: Jin is a very loyal person to those who are his friends and family. Doing anything to protect them.
  • Quiet: Jin is a man of few words and knows when to talk and when not too.
  • Apathetic: Many see this as a bad thing but since Jin has no concern about anything besides a few tiny things he can focus on what he wants.
  • Ambitious: Jin is a very ambitious person, having goals and dreams about him succeeding is a common thing now. Every time Jin goes to sleep he dreams of a place where he is top dog.


  • Hot Headed: This is a common trait among the Von Creg's. Their temper is like that of a raging forest fire, once angered Jin will not look back until something is destroyed.
  • Cold: Jin can come off as a cold person, not really showing interest in others simply because he thinks he is better then them and thus doesn't need to speak to them.
  • Reckless: Jin is rather reckless in everything he does this is shown through the way he talks. Meaning in the most of important times he will do something stupid or say something stupid. Most think that the demon lord has a reckless fighting style however this is not true.
  • Loner: Jin is a loner and prefers to be alone or with one or two people and thus many don't get to know him and just shut him out from there life.

With every past there is a future

History: There was no family to begin with:From the day Jin was born he was loved. Jin grew up like a normal child being the eldest of the three children (Two boys, one girl). Jin was suppose to be reposnable for all three of the kids being a leader or adult figure of sorts. However when Jin reched the age of seven he was diagnoised with a unknown illness. However he couldn't breath and thus was moved to hospital and placed under care for most of his life. This is where Jin was given his respirator.

Upon leaving the hospital at the age of ten he came home to no family. His mother, father, brother, sister and a step father he never knew about were dead. All that he was told is that he had a scum step-father who caused all of this because he owed debts. Jin was angry, he had been hoping for the most of his life to come and see his family. Go back to them before how things were before he was sick. Because of the news Jin grew rather depressed, never taking the respirator off he kept it on his face which later on in life became his trademark.

Jin was alone, he had no one. Years went by and he just stole food and lived in the house where he could imagine his family's bodies amongst the blood spilt on the wooden floor. He barley lived, no social interaction at all since Jin didn't know who to turn too. He had no one because all that he had were taken and so at the age of sixteen Jin decided enough was enough. He had to go do something, earn some money and live a life his brother and sister would be proud of. However this is the opposite of what he had planned to do. He fell into a gang and started to deal cocaine. First it was small amounts then it grew to a large scale. At the age of twenty five Jin was found dead from a overdose of speed and had two bullet holes; one through each hand. Many assume Jin shot himself however the truth is the leader of the gang 'Savage' did it when Jin tried to steal money from him.

The Real Demon King A.K.A THe Demon Lord:
Jin woke up in a place that seemed to good to be true. He woke at the gates of some place that looked a bit like the slums he lived in while he was dealing. It didn't take long for Jin to find out he was in a place called Soul Society however the idea of there being a after life just made him vomit. At first Jin wore no respirator he just carried it around on him at all time as it was really the only thing that he had held connection to his family.

He meet many people and they were either nice or mean. There was no inbetween. Jin was getting into fights reguarly and because of his large figure and pressence many feared him. He had a aura about him that when felt most cringed or were stunned due to the feeling of the anger radiating off him. Every fight Jin got in the anrgyer he got, he was bringing those suppressed feelings of having no one for most of his life up. He put his respirator back on and when someone asked him who he was Jin would reply in a slurred demonic tone. "I am the Demon lord."

Jin had gained massive respect because of his fighting skills across the districts. However as he grew up the social food chain he become more lonely. He had no one until he heard rumors of someone else that was climbing up the social ladder just like him. Jin was interreged and currently he had set his goal to go and find this person.
Written sample:
Quote :
It had been a few days since his last interaction with anybody. He was still tired, sore and mainly hurt from the attack of Artix Von Creg. Epyon was due to go back in a few days and the week of research he planned was turned into a week of chasing down people and getting chased by others. Hollows were abundant around at night however none was as powerful as the new captain of the fourth division. Epyon had received a hell butterfly the night before telling him of his new title and rank. It had finally been approved and now Epyon was considered the most cynical mind in the fourth division. It was a refreshing title as the old man was now in theory has the youngest mind and most sadistic mind.

Epyon was sitting down, resting from what had happen the past few days however he felt as if he needed to get back out of the human world and back to Soul Society where he would be able to be at home once more. Epyon sighed as he looked around the room, the darkness swallowing most of it except for the middle which is where Epyon was sitting. Next to him a was a candle giving out a dim light with its tiny flame. In front of Epyon was the white bandages that he used for wrapping around his head however in front of that was his zanpakuto; Golom. Epyon was eyeing both he was in a state, a trance of thought where he was thinking about what to pick up. He wanted to change and thus he wanted to appear different then normal however a part of him didn’t want to change. Epyon wanted everything the way it was before he had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting the demon king. He grabbed for Golom, pulling him out of its black sheath the blade was still kept in good condition all this time. Moving his hand to hold the bottom of the blade which connected to the hilt. Slowly dragging it through his wild, grey hair locks of it started to fall out over the area. Drifting in the wind as it gently swayed to the ground. He cut his hair short to what humans called a military cut. Now his beard, the glory of what Epyon had grown for a few years. He had trouble even thinking about parting ways with it however he managed to overcome it. Slicing the large bulge of grey hair that started at his chin he cut it off to what now looked like to be a little goatee.

Epyon smiled however it was a rather smirk or a grin. Epyon never smiled at least not in public anyway. Picking up the bandages and the candle he started walking towards to the door. Golom had been put back to his side inside his sheath and Epyon was set as the sun started to fall down. He kicked open the door, blew the candle light out as wax spilled along the floor and he threw the candle and the bandages to his side. He had no point in being here now, Epyon wanted to go find Artix and confront him yet again. Flash stepping from where he was to atop of the building he looked down as humans were starting to walk back from work or from a social gathering. Some stayed out in the alley ways and others continued to play and have fun. Adults watching their children and calling them back home just made Epyon think. He was this old and yet had no heir to his name or even no family. He was rather lonely in his mind. As he continued flash stepping from building to building he was on his way back to Soul Society when all of the sudden as he stood atop of the cloud high above the actual city he felt a odd reiatsu signature. It was fierce and had the feeling of decay and death just like Artix’s. Epyon had two choices now he could go straight back to Soul Society and just forget what he had felt a moment ago or he could go investigate.

“What a simple choice.” Epyon murmured to himself, after all researching and investigating were rather fun. He followed the pulling of the reiatsu, it kept dropping in and out causing Epyon to lose track a couple of times of it. It was powerful however after at least ten minutes of chasing it Epyon stoped. It felt different to Artix’s, it felt like as if the person was still fighting it. A constant reiatsu which kept showing signs of good but a large sign of bad in it. Epyon continued chasing it finally reaching a ice-cream pallor. Gently landing on the ground a slight thud could be heard as he landed. The power of this reiatsu was not terrifying however it was certainly unexpected. The feeling he had felt before, but it was more powerful this time. All possibilities of it being Artix were at a zero percent chance now and since Epyon now looked different he wasn’t scared of someone noticing him straight away. Opening the door to the ice-cream shop he put on a marry voice, “Hello! Anyone here?” Epyon could not see anyone at first glance however he took now extra steps into the building. He stood at the door waiting for something or someone to show up. He was on his guard and he was ready in case of a surprise.

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Von Creg [finished?]   Wed May 25, 2011 10:52 am

I think I am done. >.<
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Von Creg [finished?]   Wed May 25, 2011 3:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Jin Von Creg [finished?]   

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Jin Von Creg [finished?]
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