Shades of grey is an open AU Bleach RP forum. This means that all original characters and content have either been removed entirely or adapted and added to. Now that thats out of the way, welcome to Bleach: Shades of grey!
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 The basic rules!

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PostSubject: The basic rules!   Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:52 pm

The basic rules!:
These rules are simple and easy to understand, they are little more than common sense and should in fact be used everywhere you go, not just her at BSoG. We expect these rules to be concidered while talking in the CB, forums or PM's, failure to do so will result in punishment.

User related rules
  • Courtesy: While speaking with anybody please be polite and inoffensive. BSoG is a mature site with mature people using it, we dont want to have to settle an argument just because somebody said the wrong thing to the wrong person. Please take care with what you say.
  • Co-operation: If the staff ask you to do something then please do it. Nobody likes it when people disturb the peace by shouting at those in charge, it just makes people look silly. Also, co-operate with other members, if they want to do something in your thread that you dont like dont get in their face about it, please explain the situation to them and if they are mature they will either stop what they are doing or politely leave the thread. This goes for staff members too, if a member points out something that you may have accidentally gotten wrong dont yell at them for it, thank them and fix it.
  • Respect: Dont ever judge people for what they believe in, the way they act or how they look. Shades of grey will accept anybody willing to play and we expect you to do the same. Breaking this rule if done on purpose will lead to severe punishment. If somebody asks you to stop doing something because they find it offensive then stop. No 'if's' no 'buts.'

Character related rules

  • Multiple accounts: You are allowed to have more than one character however you are limited to the amount of characters you can have, this limit is three. Each character must have its own account for organisational reasons and in the signature of each account must be the names of all of the characters you own and their NPC's.
  • In character/Out of character: You and your character are two entirely different people, keep this in mind when posting around the social forums or in the Chatbox. Just because your character is an offensive nut case who murders people doesnt mean you have to be too.
  • God-modding: I'm sure we all know what this is right? Auto-hitting, Insta-killing, Mind-reading, etc. These are all things that cheat the game and make things less fun for everybody so please do not do them.

If there are any questions please dont hesitate to Pm one of the staff members! =3
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The basic rules!
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