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 Shades Of Grey History

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PostSubject: Shades Of Grey History   Mon May 16, 2011 8:18 pm

As the universe produced energy, so did it produce Creation. He was energy and energy was Him, but He was not complete. Using the energy that He had been granted, he created matter, and with said matter he fashioned the universe. Out of earth he created worlds, and out of energy the stars. But yet he was still not complete. Combining the matter and energy, he formed two new beings to serve him. These beings were a part of him, and yet they were themselves.

He let them go free, knowing their need for creation would lead them to please Him. The first being looked at a world, and said, “This world shall be blessed by Creation, and I shall give it Life.”

And with her words, she became Life as did life spread across the world. Oceans spread from her fingers, and where there were no oceans she spread her gift to Creation. Air was released from her mouth and plants from her feet as she wandered this world. She looked upon it, and said, “I have given life to this world, and in turn have brought it Creation. I shall rule over life, and it shall bring me strength.”

Creation looked upon his daughters work, and decided it was good. He blessed her with strength and speed, and she was content. The son of Creation looked on his sister’s fortune, and grew jealous. He looked at her gift of life, and found it lacking.

He went to this world, and said, “This world shall be blessed by Creation, and I shall give it Purpose.” And with his words, he became Purpose as did purpose spread across the world. From his skin he made the fish to live in the oceans and lakes his sister had created. From his hair, he made the animals to live on the land and eat of the plants his sister had created. And from his heart, he made Man, to bring purpose to the life his sister had created. He looked upon them, and said, “I have given purpose to this world, and in turn have brought it Creation. I shall rule over purpose, and it shall bring me strength.”

Creation looked upon his son’s work, and decided it was good. He blessed him with intelligence and energy, and he was content. The daughter of creation looked on her brothers gifts, and found them more than hers’. Energy was the base of strength, and intelligence the base of speed. Her jealousy was strong, and she decided to steal her brother’s creation to gain her father’s favour.

She went back to the world, and found an area untouched by Life. From the sands that lay there, she created a husk of a man. The man she created was not full of purpose, however, as it had no heart. This hollow man roamed the world, attempting to fill the void by devouring the hearts of Men. These Men without hearts soon became Hollow, and began to wander along with the first.

Seeing what his sister had done, Purpose grew angry. He went to the world and found the first Hollow man, still wandering in attempt to fill his void. Taking the man, he gave him Knowledge of his crimes, and through the being’s remorse, he found purpose. This being began to hunt the Hollowed men, and return to them the heart that had been taken. This was the first Reaper, and those he gave purpose to became reapers as well.

These two factions, along with Life and Purpose, waged war across the world, shattering and destroying what had been created. Creation saw this, and he was displeased with his children. Not a being of destruction, he could not remove the hollow men and the Reapers from the universe, so instead he sent them to pockets of reality that were separate from the world. They would be allowed to travel between them, but staying in the world of man would cause them to become one with the universe again, as they had been born.

When he turned to his children, he had intentions to bring them unto himself, creating one whole again as he had started, but they had been too long separate. They begged and pleaded to be allowed their freedom, and he gave them it. But to make them pay for what they had done, he took away his gift of creation, and banished them along with their factions, giving them the same restrictions as their creations.

~Courtesy of Sovay and Bolexle
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Shades Of Grey History
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