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 Vizard rankings and information.

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PostSubject: Vizard rankings and information.   Sun May 08, 2011 10:26 pm

The vizard's dont exactly have a ranking system of any importance, they prefer not to place anybody below another person and instead wish to work together as a team. Each team needs a leader however and depending on the situation the vizard best suited for the job will be the one the others turn to. (only five slots are visible but more may be added once the slots are full)






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PostSubject: Re: Vizard rankings and information.   Wed May 11, 2011 5:54 am

Basic information
Vizards are Shinigami that have gained the powers of a hollow. They have done this by defeating their inner hollow a being made up of their darkest thoughts and emotions. Do not get them confused with arrancar however, they are shinigami with hollow powers not hollow with shinigami powers, as such they still retain their previous form, thoughts and emotions. While they still look like shinigami they have the ability to call forth their mask and like each and every hollow a vizards mask is a personification of their heart and is thus unique to them. These masks grant them powers that usually link back to the worst aspect of their personality however some masks have been known to do otherwise. In addition to these unique powers, vizards also have access to a range of hollow abilities that would have other wise been instincual. Such abilities include Hierro, Bala and Cero.

The mentallity of a vizard is usually to 'stick with the pack.' In other words they trust nobody but their own species most of the time. It is this way of thinking that some of them often refer to each other as family. The ranking system of the vizards is almost none existant, they work as a team, not as master and underling's. That being said, there are certain situation's that call for a leader to either step up or be chosen, in this case the other vizards usually turn to the best man or woman for the job. Family fueds are not rare within the numbers of the vizards however any arguments displayed are never serious.

Please keep in mind that the state of vizard isnt an easy thing to achieve and will not be open for anybody to just walk right on in. First you submit a request, after that everything you have done around the site will be judged. Harshly. Based on the quality of your writing, your attitude around the site and how much you have contributed you may or may not be allowed a vizard character.

Inner hollow
An inner hollow can be obtained through a number of different ways such as chemical injection, poorly performed cleansing of the soul, over exposure to hollow energy and many more.

An inner hollow usually an embodiment of a shinigami's darker side. All of the negative thoughts, emotions and desires all rolled into one being. Another thing that is very common yet doesnt always occur is the fact that an inner hollow would resemble the shinigami in appearance except it would be pale skinned and the colors would usually be reversed as black and white.

Full requirements for becoming a vizard
As mentioned before vizards will only be awarded to those who the staff judge have shown excellent skill and progress. BsoG is all aboput improving your literary skills to why shouldnt you be rewarded for doing just that? You must also have a significant reason for your character becoming a vizard, E.G his/her beliefs and or goals. In order to file a vizard request you must fill out a vizard application and send it in private via PM to one of the staff members. That staff member will then discuss your request with the other members of the Shades of grey team. If the request is approved then you will be required to write out the confrontation between your character and his/her inner hollow. There is no set minimum or maximum for this request but it is expected to be the very best of your work to date. Writing below the expected standard will be denied.
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Vizard rankings and information.
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