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 Aitrus Von Eroköse [Finished]

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PostSubject: Aitrus Von Eroköse [Finished]   Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:17 am

How will people know you in this world?

Name: Aitrus Von Eroköse
Age: 17 (He looks 17 and is 17)
Gender: Male

Image is everything...Isnt it?

Height & Weight 5’11” and 156 lbs.
Hair & Eye Color White hair that just seems to fall about his face in no particular order, but never obscuring his eyes. He has dark red eyes that seem to be the color of something unnatural.
Appearance Aitrus is extremely young, but people quite often notice that his hair is an unnatural white almost as if it aged faster than the rest of him. He is quite often seen wearing a pair of dark blue jeans with a dress shirt that isn’t tucked in. He is wearing a black leather belt with a silver buckle. He is often wearing a pair of black converse sneakers and ties them in a particular way, each of the crossovers is done parallel. It takes time relacing the shoes when a shoestring breaks, but it is quite worth it to him. Over all of this he can quite often be seen wearing his black trench coat, unbuttoned and untied. He keeps a pair of black leather gloves in the trench coat at all times. Quite often he uses these when he does not want to leave his fingerprints everywhere.


How strong is your resolve?

Personality: Aitrus has one real goal for his life, he wants to resurrect the Gerschowen clan to its former glory. After all it was the only way he had to honor his parents who are now dead. He also wants to figure out who murdered his parents and why they did it. He can only go so far without figuring this out first.

Even though Aitrus now lives in Karakura town he still flies home to Germany once a year to visit his parents on the anniversary of their death. He wants to honor them and does not want to forget them or all they have done for him, so he makes sure he will be there every year on time. He often spends several hours their just talking to the gravestones about his past year. Even though he knows that it is silly and pointless talking to gravestones he does it anyways. It gives him a calmer feeling.

  • Calculating – One thing that Aitrus is always doing is analyzing the odds and going over the possibilities in his head. It never stops and it seems to consume him at times. This helps in his fights or any interaction he has with others, because he can usually know what they are going to do or say before it happens. This allows him to keep others at bay and away from himself as best he can.

  • Perceptive – This is what allows Aitrus to be calculating, the fact is almost nothing gets by his eyes. He was trained at a young age to notice everything around him and to memorize it. It helps the Aitrus has an eidetic memory. This allows him to remember anything many years later and makes it difficult for anyone to fight him more than once as he will remember any fighting style or order of moves in combat.

  • Obsequious – One thing that Aitrus learned through his training was to be extremely obedient and to follow orders without any hesitation. The virtues his father instilled in him during his training were to always follow those who were your superior, they have their reasons for doing what they do and why they are asking you to do certain things.

  • Confident – Aitrus believes he knows what he is doing in most situations and he feels that he will make it through even the toughest of his trials. He does not let himself ever believe that he will fail or not succeed where he must. He holds the belief that if you think you believe there is a chance you will fail then there is no possible way you can succeed anymore.

  • Exacting – Aitrus still holds to what his father taught him about his own skills and often enough is harder on himself than he should be, believing that if he does not hone his skills to the maximum possible ability he will fail himself, his father, and those that he works for. So he trains as hard as he can and often times thinks that his skills are less than what they are truly.

  • Fanatical – One thing Aitrus would put his life on the line for ay any moment is the chance to bring back the former power of the Quincy from Purssia. Even though they no longer exist and were wiped out by an invasion of hollows that numbered in the thousands during the second Great War, it is his only life goal. He hopes that he can find the remnant scattering of the children and grand children of those Quincy and bring them together to forge together enough to bring back the Gerschowen Clan, one of the lost clans of the Quincy.

  • Blunt – Aitrus is terrible when it comes to people and will often go places others would avoid. Not seeing the wrong in what he is doing he often criticizes or points out the flaws in others in the most insulting manner. He does not sugar coat things and does not understand why anything would do such a thing.

  • Antagonistic – Aitrus will often taunt and insult his opponents during a battle, attempting to get them to get angry and make mistakes. Sometimes though he will let this carry on and insult someone who he is supposed to be working with. He will even go as far as to just get in the way of someone who he finds he dislikes.

  • Solitary – Aitrus would rather be in the company of himself than anyone else. The only exception is for the children or grandchildren of the Gerschowen Quincy clan. He does not see the point of friendship or company with others. Quite often he sees that all it can accomplish is to get in the way and end up getting someone hurt or killed over.

  • Cruel – Aitrus finds that the most painful way of fighting or killing his opponents is the most enjoyable. He often will toy with weaker opponents and let them think they have a chance before completely crushing all their hope in one fell swoop. He likes to crush not only their bodies but also their spirit.

  • Realistic – When it comes to his own goal Aitrus knows that realistically the chances of succeeding are improbable. He still cannot let this stand in the way and he cannot think that it is only going to fail as that is not his way of doing things. This does not mean he does not realize the truth and probability of the situation he is in. There is a difference between not believing you can fail and knowing a situation is impossible.

  • Obsessive – Aitrus can be quite obsessive over a variety of things, from the way his clothes are organized to his battle equipment. He tends to attempt what he can in his life since he cannot control anything over his own goal for the time being. He wants to know there are some things that he has under control in his life.

With every past there is a future

History: Aitrus was born to his father Stein Von Eroköse and Marie Von Erköse. He was born in Aukrug, Germany where he spent the first four years of his life. Here his family was surrounded by Prussian nationalist like themselves. His father and mother worked at a bakery they owned and lived above. It was a simple life for him and his family. It only changed when he was about five and a half and there was a bombing in a nearby town that was mostly immigrated Turks. The authorities immediately blamed the Prussian nationalists living in Aukrug for the attack. It seemed that someone intentionally had left all the evidence pointing to them. It was at this point that his parents and several of the other families left to separate themselves and to get away from the investigation.

His parents decided to move to Schwangau in the southern part of Germany, in the shadow of Neuschwanstein Castle which was built by the Mad King Ludwig. Here they bought another bakery and sold mostly to tourists on vacation. This was where Aitrus was a child for another half a year. When he turned five he started having to help his parents in the bakery and learning how to bake the simple breads and rolls they sold his father told him it was important to have a work ethic at a young age or one could never achieve greatness.

It was slightly after this that his father began taking him up to the castle at night and teaching him about his family history. The fact that they were Quincys and that there were monsters called Hollows in the world. For the first few weeks it went on like this, being told stories of what Quincys were capable of and what they had done in the past. The last week of stories was the history of the lost Gerschowen Clan, from its formation to the end. It was after this that he then began to train as a Quincy. He was first given a box with a variety of crosses from his father and told to pick one. He picked an old looking one that he liked a lot. For several weeks his father taught him how to focus his reiaryoku into the cross. Eventually Aitrus began to form pits of a bow out of his mekkayo. His training continued and he learned how to control his powers better and better.

By the time Aitrus turned fourteen he was coming home from school and he saw an ambulance in front of his house. Running quickly he noticed his parents in stretchers being taken out of the house. They both seemed to be bleeding in several places. Screaming for his parents he rushed past the officer holding the crowd back. Only to be grabbed and pulled back, the entire world seemed to be spinning as his parents were loaded into the ambulance and taken away. He was put into a cop car and the officer drove him to the hospital.

While in the hospital the nurses were all nice to him, but none of them would ever tell him how his parents were doing. He was stuck there not knowing anything, but having to wait while the news talked about his parents. The nurses made sure he got food from the cafeteria and even made a bed for him to sleep in, but he could not sleep with his parents like this.

Finally after a day and a half in this hell he was living a nurse came and got him. She looked sad and as if she did not want to be there right now. She told him he would be allowed to see his father, but not for long. She took him down a hallway and to an elevator. There they rode it to the sixth floor, there she took him to a room where his father was. It was here his father had his last words. He told Aitrus to keep with his training and to make them all proud. That he and his mother would be watching over him. It was then the light in his father’s eyes went out and he could hear the flat lining of the machine next to him. Aitrus just swallowed the pain in his throat and walked out. He just decided to go and focus on his training to make the pain go away. It was then that Aitrus found a place in his soul, a blank area where he could put the pain away and keep it from hurting him so much. He quickly stuffed it all the pain away to keep it from hurting him so much.

Two years later Aitrus was still training, becoming more proficient in his abilities and even developing tricks of his own. It was on his seventeenth birthday and Aitrus was home alone when there was a knock at the door. He went over to the door and opened it, only to discover whoever was there had disappeared and left a box. Picking it up he took it inside and placed it on the table. He then opened it up and discovered a wooden box, it was about a foot by half a foot. The top lid slide off and revealed a letter to Aitrus, it was a letter from his father.


Aitrus could not believe it, somehow his parents knew they could be in danger and had even planned for this event, but how could they have known or even thought to plan this far ahead. It was all too much the emotions the Aitrus had hid and put away for so long came flowing out and he broke down crying in his apartment. Eventually wiping the tears away with his sleeve he decided that something had happened and that was a mystery he needed to solve. He also resolved to restore the Gerschowen Clan in his parents honor. It was the least he could do.

Written sample:
Quote :
Aitrus was walking home from school, after all even if he no longer had parents or was not interested he was seventeen and could only imagine his parents if they found out he was not going. So he continued going regardless of how he felt about it. It was then he noticed an interesting disturbance in the reiryoku around him. It was a hollow it seemed, and it was chasing down a shinigami. He decided to sprint after the hollow, after all it was his duty to kill it.
Coming across the shinigami and hollow he saw a pathetic excuse for a shinigami in front of him trying to hold of this weak hollow. It was laughable at this attempt to kill such a feeble being. He lifted his right arm and materialized his bow from his mekkayu and almost instantly killed the hollow with a quick barrage of arrows. He then walked over to the shinigami who tried to convey his gratitude, to which Aitrus just looked down and said one word, “Pathetic” The look in Aitrus’s eyes said it all. He was looking down at this shinigami like he was nothing better than dirt. He was weak and did not deserve to continue on, after all how could he protect anyone or anything. With that he started walking away from this pathetic excuse for a protector.

It seemed that the shinigami was furious at him for suggesting such a thing and started screaming at him after there was some distance between them. He turned around and saw the man charging at him. He quickly materialized his bow and shot several arrows into his legs, stopping him mid-charge. He then turned around and walked away possibly leaving the man crippled and stuck there without any help coming anytime soon. He grinned as he did so only thinking of the pain the man would suffer for attacking such a stronger opponent.
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PostSubject: Re: Aitrus Von Eroköse [Finished]   Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:29 am

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Aitrus Von Eroköse [Finished]
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