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 Haru Tsukuyomi

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Haru Tsukuyomi


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PostSubject: Haru Tsukuyomi   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:04 pm

Let them know the name of their superior!

Name: Haru Tsukuyomi
Age: 537/17
Gender: Male

Show them what power is!

Height and weight: 6'3/223

Hair and eye color: white and black in one long braid down his back, eyes are blue with a cat like slit down the middle

: White long hair that passes his lower back but he keeps it tied in to one long braid, eyes are Lavender with the iris and pupil hidden behind, Haru has a good muscular look to his body ,can be identified by the half crested moon pierced by a bloody knife on his back. He stands aboutsix foot three and weighs about 223 pounds .

He always wears dark clothes - either dark blue
or black, which are somewhat tightly fit onto his body. There is an all
black hooded jacket he wears most of the time. His Pants are all Black with red tear drops on the bottom of them made to look like blood. He wears all black gloves to cover the many scares on his hands. His all black shirt is well fitted and the sleeves are cut off. He wears black and red bandages from his shoulder to his wrist. On his Back he was branded from birth with a Half crest moon pierced with a bloody knife. On his left eye he has a scare the reaches down to the middle of his cheek.

Let all weaker beings hear you!

Personality: Haru is a sort of quiet Person at heart but tries to show less of it. He truly enjoys being the guy behind the scene's. He rarely shows off any off his potential but those close to him know his real strength. He rarely keeps subordinates because they either get in the way or they end up dieing from his opponent or his self. Haru wandered day by day looking for any thing to try and mask his darkened heart. Which is the reason he picks fights and always lashes out at the people. Because the one person who was dearest to him killed him, his grandfather.

Going out and finding clues to his death is his reason for living and makes him slightly less depressed. He feels that if anybody bothers his fraccions besides him that its directed towards him and will defend them to the fullest. He seems aggressive and strong on the outside but behind closed doors he just wishes to find someone else or something to fill the void his Grandpa left, that all he really searches for and wants in life.


Speed:His leg strength is beyond comparison using his speed to his advantage
Hardened Skin: Haru's skin is hardened to a point of almost un-markable
Tenacity: When it comes to difficult tasks he becomes as stubborn as a Ox. He will stand up again and again, giving up is not his forte.
Calm: No matter the situation. No matter what happens, he will keep a cool head and stay calm. He wont let his feelings get the better of him, because he knows that staying calm will help him get through the toughest of situations.


Reckless With his new found power his also acquired a sense or recklessness and being untouchable
Cold He is usually cold and distant. He doesn't like to get close to people or things nor does he get close much at all. Because of this he doesn't have many friends or people close to him. So no one will be around to help him if he would ever need it.
Secretive He doesn't talk a lot about who he is or about himself at all. He keeps a lot of the things he knows a secret. Not giving people a lot of information about oneself can help keep you alive.

Hand-To-Hand / Martial Arts:10
Zanjutsu / Resurrección:10
Arrancar Technique:10

Show them the form of supremacy!

Zanpakuto sealed appearance
: "Hand of Zues" resembles and guard less katana with the Handle wrapped in black and yellow cloth with a foot long chain at the end. the handle is 13in long and the blade its self is 4 1/2 ft long. The words "Destruction" is written along side the blades edge in red ingraved ink.

Ressureccion appearance: (Only fill this out if your ressureccion has been approved!)
Ressureccion abilitySad Only if ressureccion has been approved!)

Segunda etapa
:(Only fill this out if your segunda has been approved!)
Segunda etapa ability:(Only if segunda has been approved!)

Do you have what it takes to become king?

One dark and gloomy day there was a young ninja who was rather shy around the people in the village. His name was never established by the villagers because his parents were never around. When his parents were around they never spoke about their son. Well one day on the 22nd of august there was a house fire in the northern hills. Three houses were burnt, the fire raged on until nothing but ashes were left. As the villagers tried their best to put out the fire they realize that some of their loved ones were missing. "My baby,where is my baby?" the lady screamed with all her might but no one seems to hear her as they searched desperately for their family as well. It was hours before the first body was found burnt so bad no one could tell who it was. The villagers were about to give up after they found the seventh body but they heard a moan behind the trees; found drenched in blood was the little boy who had no name.

Tried and happy that someone was found alive no one thought of why he was so far away from the fire. They returned him to his person's house and even felt good about the deed they have done because they could see the tears of joy falling down their face. Even with lost of lives and property the village moved on and all was fine again or so it would seem. A week later a next fire started but this time the villagers were quick enough to try and get everyone out the house while they put out the fire. as they enter the house they found the father of the little boy with blood all over his body, "Help my wife, my son." was the last words he spoke. Hurrying to find the other they frantically searched the house but to their dismay what they found there weren't expected to see; there stood the little boy over his mother's dead body with a knife in his hand. With disgust they realized what had taken place, the little boy had started the fires and kill those people. but the mystery was no one ever found out why he did it. In the Middle of the night the villagers found the one relative the child had left. It was his grandfather. The villagers called him immediately so they could get this demon child out of there village.

The grandfather appeared the next day as he approached the boy the grandfather walked to him. The boy had a knife in his hand which was visible for the man to see. The old man still walked over towards the boy. The villagers watched in terror as they thought the child would surely kill him. To there surprise they grandfather did not die but leaned over towards the boys ear and whispered something to him." silence your burning desire to kill for the moment don't worry though we will return to kill them all". The boy slowly put the knife down and silently walked away with the old man out of the village into the mist once again, Now what the old man whispered to the child to calm him was a mystery to the villagers as the knew not of there future the old man promised the young child. The child which struck terror into the hearts of the villagers was given a name upon his departure from the village, "The Bloody Prince".

Haru was raised by his grandfather Aizen Karisa his parents were killed in a mysterious house fire. His grandfather taught him everything he knows about his Unique traits. Haru knew the stories his grandfather told him was about him and how his grandfather saved him from the villagers. Haru knew the reason his grandfather gave him special training in the way of the samurai. Haru knew one day that he would fulfill the promise his grand father told in the story and dreamed of the day he would return to the village.

Haru came home one day from his independent training in the woods only to find his grandfather missing. Haru stayed in the house for 2 weeks fending for himself. On his last night of living he laid in bed in a light slumber as he was attacked by an assassin in bed. Before he could react to an attack he was ran through by a knife through his heart before death he grabbed the mask of the assassin only to see his grandfather. Dieing before acquiring any reason why he now searches Huecho Mundo for his grandfather and a reason to his death.

Quote :
Haru waited to see what would happen as he watched people of all kinds walk in and out. Some low level marine walked in along with some gamblers and low ranked criminals with petty thefts. What intrigued haru was the marine as he walked in, he sat by him self and contiued to look around at all the groups of people. Haru stopped looking through the window and turned back around and returned back to polishing his blade. Dealing with his weapons always calmed him down for a while.

As Haru started to calm down do a state of relaxation it is short lived with a voice of arogance. You have the eyes of a killer, didn't have to bother to turn around for he knew it must have been the marine who walked looking around a people. Haru then responded back with a monotone voice Your not the first one to tell me that, haru then turned to him with his hawk like eyes. Haru looked him up and down examinig this man whom interupted his quite time.

Haru then looked at the man in his eyes and said to him You shouldn't come behind people like that you might startle them and end up in a situation you cant get out of. Haru finished his sentence and then ran the polishing rag over his blade again showing the man that he meant what he said. Haru then placed his blade back in his sheath the turned around towards the man and crossed his legs letting out a sigh then saying Is that it or are there more obvious things you want to tell me about my self? Haru let that arrogant question linger in the still night air as he awaited for an answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Haru Tsukuyomi   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:58 pm

Haru, you did read the rules right? You need to make either a soul/student application first and work your way up from there. Also, be sure to use the correct template next time ok? ^w^
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Haru Tsukuyomi
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